Day 1390: Such a _____ woman

Since I witnessed  a presidential candidate being called “such a nasty woman” during such a nasty debate two nights ago, this blogging woman has been experiencing such nasty AND un-nasty  memories of  names she has been called over the years.

Yes, such a history I’ve had as a woman,  being called such a list of names, including  these:

  • A selfish woman
  • A sefless woman
  • A kind woman
  • An ungenerous woman
  • A generous woman
  • A neat woman
  • A messy woman
  • A brilliant woman
  • A stupid woman
  • A sarcastic woman
  • A talented woman
  • A foolish woman
  • A thoughtful woman
  • A thoughtless woman
  • A respectful woman
  • A disrespectful woman
  • A respected woman
  • An attractive woman
  • A not-attractive-enough woman
  • A cute woman
  • A silly woman
  • A mature woman
  • An immature woman
  • A  sexy woman
  • A controlling woman
  • An uncontrollable woman
  • A brave woman
  • A sensitive woman
  • A strong woman
  • A vulnerable woman
  • An unusual woman
  • An ordinary woman
  • A smart woman
  • An unambitious woman
  • An ambitious woman
  • A creative woman
  • A boring woman
  • An understanding woman
  • A judicious woman
  • A catastrophizing woman
  • A funny woman
  • A serious woman
  • A helpful woman
  • A spontaneous woman
  • A quirky woman
  • A focused woman
  • A distracted woman
  • A distracting woman
  • An empathic woman
  • A joyful woman
  • An angry woman
  • A sad woman
  • A calm woman
  • A fearful woman
  • A fearless woman
  • A non-judgmental woman
  • A critical woman
  • An accepting woman
  • A competitive woman
  • A delightful woman
  • A stubborn woman
  • An honest woman
  • A defensive woman
  • An assertive woman
  • A resilient woman
  • A nice woman
  • A determined woman
  • A maternal woman
  • An unsmiling woman
  • A smily woman
  • A healthy woman
  • An unhealthy woman
  • An independent woman
  • A needy woman
  • A loyal woman
  • A woman who likes to move on.

Moving on, now, to music that this writing woman is now hearing in her such-a-woman’s brain, here are  two songs about women: “Witchy Woman” and “Kind Woman,” both written and sung by such_____ men:

Such great music with such interesting titles!

Now, this photographing woman has such a lot of _____ images to share with you:

















Such a beautiful smile on that grandmother’s face! Such a laugh I had, yesterday, when that grand woman told me that the baby’s mother has already been reading advanced books like “Women in Science” to that beautiful 4-month-old girl!

Such a smile I’ll have on my  face if you leave a comment about this “Such a ____ Woman” post.

Finally, such gratitude I have for all the women, men, etc. who helped me create such a ____ post and for you — of course! — for being such wonderful readers, today.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1390: Such a _____ woman

  1. Thank for the post and for the linked videos, you made my discover great music 🙂
    You are such a _not average_ woman 😉

  2. Always be positive. I knew my diet was working when a person I had an argument with did NOT call me a “fat b*stad”. He called me a “bald bstard” which, given the fact that I have plenty of hair, actually made me soooo happy!

  3. You contain multitudes. I bet you’ve also been called American woman but not even The Guess Who would tell you to get away from them.
    It’s wonderful to me that we’re not only seeing greater recognition for historic women but also recognition of the current accomplishments of women.

  4. Love the teabag sentiment and your neighbor’s smile Ann!

  5. A writing woman! A Fringe-going woman. A perceptive woman.

  6. Name calling. I dislike it so much. Your images. I love them.

  7. Anne is a BRAVE woman, and a COMPASSIONATE woman, and a very INTELLIGENT woman. ❤ ❤

  8. Here’s a link to Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” for you!

  9. I am, I think such a lucky woman. Living my life and finding such interesting people in it as, such an intriguing woman as you!
    I have family, I have friends, all coming together to support such a weird and wonderful woman as myself. I hope a woman such as you carries on to discover more adjectives to describe yourself. I hope soon you can say “Healthy as a horse!”

  10. Recent events make it difficult to write such an upbeat post as the one you’ve written today and I guess it is because you are such an upbeat woman no matter what!!

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  12. A kitty queen woman

  13. Carol Goodman

    love you, Ann!

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