Day 1386: Be Audacious

“Be Audacious” seems like audaciously appropriate advice on this audacious Monday in the audacious month of October, 2016.

I mean, so many audacious people are being audacious all around us … why shouldn’t we be audacious, too?

During my audacious recovery from some audaciously recent open heart surgery, I’ve tried to be audacious and focus on my own audacious needs first with doctors and other audacious people in my life. Being audacious in this way has been particularly helpful as I deal with the unexpected and audacious recall of my audaciously important St. Jude pacemaker/defibrillator, which I received 17 audacious months ago.

Indeed, when I saw this audacious flyer, yesterday:


… I immediately thought to my audacious self, “I shall be audacious and make ‘Be Audacious’ the title and the topic of my next audacious blog post!”

Was I being audacious when I took these  other photos on that same audacious day?



















Which photo is the most audacious of all, in your audacious opinion?

My audacious friend Carol sent me this audacious photo yesterday, via an audacious text message:


If you are audacious enough to request more audacious info about any of the audacious photos in this audacious post, I shall be audacious enough to answer.

There are so many audacious possibilities for an audacious video here, but I shall be audacious and choose this one, for your audacious pleasure:

I shall now audaciously thank all those who helped me create this audacious post and  audacious you (for reading it)  with one final audacious photo.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1386: Be Audacious

  1. Dear Ann, I see that you are being tended by one of the most audacious, witty, charmingly egoistic, entertaining creatures I know of and adore. Good for you!!!! ❤

  2. Your audacious post has inspired me to have an audacious day Ann! Thank you 💛

  3. What an audacious blog post today! My faves are the photo of your smile with your kitty on nursing duty and the birds bas relief wall plaque.

  4. I hope you have an audacious Monday! 🙂

  5. What city do we both live in?
    I considered phrasing that as a knock-knock joke but I couldn’t improve on the stylings of The Guy’s All Star Shoe Band.

  6. That blue stove is absolutely audacious! I think I fell in love.

  7. You don’t get more audacious than those socks 🙂

  8. Marcia Dubreuil

    So…the secret ingredient in Michael’s burgers is Tylenol. Brilliant!

  9. Ok at first I couldn’t remember what audacious meant, I know been up for 3 hours and my brain is falling asleep and it is only 9am but I got there in the end I am not audacious why because my brain is falling asleep remember……………

  10. Oscar is very focussed on your audacious socks.

  11. Audacious Oscar is thinking of his next novel!

  12. That is an awesome meal and an awesome photo of you with Oscar. Audacious is one of my favorite words but never seems to get used enough.You are audacious my friend thanks for the reminder of how much I like the sound of the word audacious

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