Day 1383: Blooming

I hope this blooming post finds you blooming well on this blooming beautiful October morning.

Speaking of blooming, all my blooming doctors and everybody else who sees me says that I look blooming wonderful as I am blooming and recovering from my blooming valve replacement surgery last month.

My blooming friend, Carol, gave us a blooming plant soon after my blooming boyfriend and I got home from blooming Rochester, Minnesota, where I had my blooming open heart surgery.


As you can see in that blooming photo, that plant has a lot more blooming to do. As a matter of fact, I took that blooming photo moments after my blooming boyfriend, Michael, was saying out loud to that blooming plant: “Bloom!  Bloom!”

Would you like to  blooming see all my other blooming photos from yesterday?








That blooming tea bag is now reminding of one of my favorite blooming songs, ever, by the blooming Beach Boys.

Isn’t that blooming great? Now, please leave a blooming comment so I know what you blooming think of this blooming post.

Now I have to blooming decide whether to publish this blooming post at 2:42 AM, when I’m blooming finishing it, or wait until a more reasonable blooming hour tomorrow morning.

Oh, blooming hell! Does it really blooming matter?

Blooming thanks to all who helped me create this blooming post and to you — of course! — for being my blooming reader, here and now.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1383: Blooming

  1. Of course it blooming matters!

  2. There’s that blooming cat again. What do you feed her?

  3. oh glad you blooming made a decision to hit when you did – so I could enjoy this song right here right now.
    enjoyed it very much (my dad was a sailor and so it made my night)

  4. You are indeed blooming Ann. Blooming marvelous 😀

  5. A blooming good morning, Ann!!! Going through my blooming reader at first I did not see my blooming friend’s blog and I said to self where in blooming is she? Much to my blooming relief, I saw your blooming bloom post and so I leave a blooming comment to say, SO good to see you blooming, Ann! (((HUGS))) ❤

  6. You reminded me that “blooming” is sometimes used as a mild swear word–usually a funny one, and I found this funny quote from 1855 in the OED:
    “You asks me no bloomin’ imper’int questions, an’ I tells yer no bloomin’ lies.”
    I promise not to ask any imper’int questions about how you made peace with the colossal kitty but instead will consider how every bloom is a fresh start.

  7. You’ve blossomed since your surgery. I love seeing those blooming beautiful photos of a healthy and happy Ann. Have a blooming and wonderful weekend.

  8. Glad to see the blooming photos of healthy you–and glad you were able to escape the blooming big cat.

  9. A blooming time for grumpy cats!

  10. Many wonderful thoughts are blooming in my brain this morning.

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