Day 1377: Best Day Ever

Last month, if you had asked me to predict my next best day ever, I never would have predicted I’d be writing a post with this title, today. I mean, really! How could a day in early October be a ….


…  if I was undergoing  open heart surgery on September 21?

Nevertheless, yesterday, October 7,  WAS one of the best days ever, because:

  1. one of the best college roommates ever, Maria, is staying with me and my best ever boyfriend Michael to give us support as well as rides to medical appointments and grocery stores,
  2. I received  one of the best get-well cards ever from my co-workers at a major Boston teaching hospital,
  3. my blood test showed the best INR level ever of 2.8, indicating I will still be able to eat the best food ever, even though I’m now taking Coumadin/Warfarin,
  4. it was one of the best autumn days ever in Boston,
  5. I was in the least pain ever as I was taking walks alone and with Maria, and
  6. I’m feeling much better than I ever thought possible so soon after my valve replacement surgery.

In other words, a day I had predicted might be one of my worst days ever turned out to be one of my best days ever.  What’s the best lesson we can learn from all this?

Don’t worry about the future, my dear readers.  Why assume that things will turn out badly?  If you’re going to assume, assume the best possible outcome. That way, you’ll still get to the future without the added burdens of fear, worry, and emotional pain.

Is that the best advice ever?

What is the best image ever, among all the other photos I took yesterday?































What do you think would be the best music ever, to go with this best-day-ever post?

This is one of the best songs ever, from Rent:

Might you now leave the best comment ever?

Finally, to all the best people ever who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for being the best readers ever, I hereby express some of the best thanks ever:





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29 thoughts on “Day 1377: Best Day Ever

  1. Great news. I like the metaphor of the old building getting a new lease of life

  2. That is awesome news! I wish you c0ntinued healing and I know if you keep that incredible attitude you will surpass your health goals and be healthier than ever. Have a great weekend. ~Amy

  3. Call this post….”Healing as Planned”. ☺ Good news, Ann. And I’m not sure which is more awesome…Collins/Sondheim or an evening with Mel Brooks ?

    • Thanks for another one of your best comments ever! Collins/Sondheim, Mel Brooks, Pat Metheny: some of the best entertainers ever!

  4. BEest post ever filled with best news ever (your beating heart beating strong!)

    And just so you know — we did not have the best autumn day ever yesterday here at the foot of the Rockies north of the 49th parallel… it snowed! 🙂 But if it was winter, it would have been the best winter day ever for sure! 🙂

  5. So glad you are feeling as best day ever

  6. Yippee, Ann! Congrats 🎈🍾🎉 on your Best Day Ever! Your remarks about not worrying about the future reminds me of two things: some people in recovery say, Don’t live in the wreckage of the future. And as Don Miguel Ruiz says in the Four Agreements, Never make assumptions. I’m so glad you’re doing so well.

  7. Alastair Savage

    Excellent! Who is the man in the statue with an eagle? Or is it just a work of art?

  8. This post makes me very very happy!!!!!

  9. “Don’t worry about the future, my dear readers” may be the best advice ever. We can’t change the past but should instead rejoice in the high points and look forward to more to come.
    This post shares some of the best news I’ve ever heard and also features some of the best pictures for October, the month I love best. I love that old house because it looks like the home of Norman Bates and I love the statue because I’m just a Poe boy.

  10. It sounds as if you are really on the way to recovery now. Excellent news!!

  11. Your experience in doing so much better than anticipated reminds me of all the hours (days, weeks) I’ve been known to lose dreading something and in most instances it didn’t turn out to be worth all that prior focus. I’m delighted you’re doing so well, Ann. It sounds like joyful relief!

    • Letting go of dread helps us create more best days ever, Debra! Thanks for making my day even better with your comment. ❤

  12. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is grayt nooz abowt yore best day ever yesterday!!! i hope tooday wuz yore best day ever too and that tomorrow is too and so on and so on!!! and that is a grayt list of advices like sensibul shooz and avoyding klutter and not gitting distrakted i wil hav to try to mayk shoor to follow that adv — SKWIRREL!!! SKWIRREL!!! GOTTA GO!!! ok bye

  13. Wow- so glad you had a best day ever and it is so true about the worrying!!It may be the best day ever for that house if it is moving- or just getting a redo.

  14. Taco Cat. Who knew? Best day ever is every day. At least that first waking breath, then it’s anyone’s guess, but lots of adventures on the way to bedtime and curling up with a good book and a cuppa 😀

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