Day 1375: Band wagon

Time to join the band wagon of Ann’s readers, who are used to seeing her begin posts by defining phrases like “band wagon.”

1. a wagon used for carrying a band in a parade or procession.
2. a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular.
“the local deejays are on the home-team bandwagon”

I had a recent experience with definition #1, when one of my  Boston cardiologists offered to pick up me and my boyfriend Michael at Boston’s Logan Airport in a band wagon, no matter when  we returned home after my September 21 open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  However, I foiled that band wagon by returning late at night and way before anybody expected me to —  six days after my heart valve replacement surgery.

By the way, I just noticed that WordPress is suggesting I invite my readers to join a band wagon (definition #2) by including this message at the top of post-creation page:

Encourage your US-based users to register to vote by adding a subtle prompt to your site.

If you were in my band wagon  of classic American movie musical fans, you might add a third definition of “band wagon,” like so:

3. the most intelligent AND fun American movie musical ever made starring Fred Astaire (as opposed the most intelligent AND fun American movie musical ever made starring Gene Kelly, which is Singin’ in the Rain).


Because I like to join band wagons of people recovering from a traumatic event like surgery who treat themselves exceedingly well, I watched the beginning of The Band Wagon yesterday morning, which included these two musical numbers (here and here on YouTube):

No  matter what is going on in my life, that second number from The Band Wagon puts a melody in my heart, gives me a singable happy feeling AND a wonderful way to start my day.

Now, would you like to join the band wagon of Ann’s readers who enjoy looking at  images captured on her iPhone from the day before?









Those last two photos feature Dr. Deeb Salem, one of my band wagon of cardiologists (but not the one who offered to pick us up in a band wagon at the airport).  In the first photograph, Dr. Salem  is with Dr. Marvin Konstam, 31 years ago, as they performed the first heart transplant at Tufts Medical Center. In the second photo, Dr. Salem is with the person who is writing this here blog post on band wagons.

Now, would you like to join the band wagon of people who keep telling me I look way too good to have had heart surgery a scant two weeks ago?

Because I always like to join the band wagon of people polite enough to express thanks when they are feeling gratitude, here’s a message to all those who helped me create this post and to all those who are reading it, here and now:


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20 thoughts on “Day 1375: Band wagon

  1. You look way too good to have had heart surgery a scant two weeks ago

  2. I’m joining the band wagon to tell you I think you look great for someone who had open heart surgery just 2 weeks ago. Having those songs in your heart must be part of the recovery I bet!!

  3. MAG

    Yes ; You and this band wagon of cardiologists are the best

  4. Now I want to put on some bright blue socks, get my shoes shined, and hop on the bandwagon with you and Fred Astaire and everyone else. But being tin-eared as I am I can’t sing along and instead will say you don’t look like you’ve ever had heart surgery.

  5. But, Ann, you look way too healthy to even be thinking about heart surgery! 🙂

    Your team of doctors are brilliant and compassionate and if I had the musical talent I would write them into a musical.

  6. I will get on the bandwagon with your other readers and wish you continued good health!

  7. I think the humour and yur wonderful heart are the reasons you look way better than most people would in the circumstances.

  8. This is such a perfect way to start a day, I agree. A little Fred Astaire and your post ~ in awe how wonderful you are doing and looking 🙂 Wish you a great weekend ahead.

  9. Amazing! Looking radiant. I’m jumping on the band wagon, Ann.

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