Day 1374: The near future

Whenever you’ve had a harrowing experience, it helps to plan for the near future, especially if you focus on what you adore.

For example, exactly  two weeks ago today I had major heart surgery which was, honestly, pretty harrowing. So it’s helping me to plan for and focus on the near future, which includes:

  • My college roommate, Maria, whom I adore, flying in from Portland Oregon, which I adore,  to stay with me and my boyfriend Michael, whom I adore,  for eight days.
  • An appointment this afternoon with my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Laura Snydman, whom I adore.
  • Getting a ride to my doctor’s visit this afternoon from my sister, Ellen, whom I adore.
  • Seeing Mel Brooks, whom I adore, in person in a few weeks, accompanied by my neighbor Karen, whom I adore.
  • Attending a performance of “An American in Paris,” which I adore, the following week with my friend Barbara, whom I adore.

It also helps to look at the near past, especially when my progress is so encouraging, which I adore.  For example, last night — for the first time since my surgery — I went for a short walk outside alone, which I adored. Here’s what I saw:



In your near future, you could plan to adore this post even more, as I show you other pictures from yesterday of things I adore:




Here‘s the music I am listening to as I write this near-future post, which I adore:

Is there a comment in my near future, which I would adore?

I adore everybody and everything that helped me create this near-future post and also you — of course! — for including me in your near future.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1374: The near future

  1. So pleased you went for the walk, and you can still manage your camera 🙂

  2. What a throaty grabbing opening. I get it. I do. Ride the gratitude bus after week you’ve had.

  3. I adore the heart of you Ann. The energy of you Ann. I adore the depth of you Ann.

  4. I adore that music and adore the license plate! Of course I always adore seeing pics of Oscar ❤ Have a great day Ann

  5. So adorable. Love the Adaggio, my a.m. background music. Thanks for that one. And those piano lessons…I remember my folks scraping together $5. for my lessons back in the day. He must be quite good. Your outlook, positive nature all brought you through the health crisis, Ann. We all adore that about you. 💕

  6. Interesting how focused one becomes after major medical issues! Congratulations to you for: 1. survival, 2. recognizing there are people and things in your life that you adore, 3. that the sun came up today and you are in it. Hugs and love, Doug aka weggieboy , who laughs at mortality because he can!

  7. amusez798387

    There are so many friends who adore you.

  8. ‘Tis the season for harrowing. You’ve faced the harrow bravely, knowing that as you sow so shall you reap, and I adore how you’ve sewn this up with imagery that’s subtly autumnal–suggesting change and embracing the reaping of experience’s wisdom.

  9. I adore the picture and message of the Skeletal couple! Reminds me of our autograph books. ” Yours til I.D.K.! I adore that you adore taking pictures. And I adore your inquisitive little tabby. Have fun with Mel Brooks. Lucky, lucky!

    • IDK what I.D.K. means in an autograph book, so I would adore this adorable comment even more if you would let us know! Many thanks. ❤ ❤

  10. Say I.D.K. Out loud!

  11. I adore this blog and the wonderful woman who writes it! I can’t listen to that Barber piece without welling up. Beautiful. Three cheers for a walk by yourself. Somebody’s getting better!

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