Day 1372: Short and sweet, warm and sincere

Today’s post title was inspired by a greeting card I saw, yesterday, during my first trip to a supermarket since my open heart surgery on September 21.


This warm blogger is sincere when she reassures her readers that yesterday’s trip to the supermarket was appropriately short and sweet. Also, I had two warm and sincere people accompanying me for support — my short friend Deb and my tall boyfriend Michael.

Today’s blog post needs to be short and sweet, my warm and sincere readers, because my  sincerely awesome friend Carol will soon be taking me to a warm Warfarin/Coumadin clinic, as I sweetly work my way toward the right dosage of that medication while also eating the sweet, sour, and warm food I sincerely prefer.

Do any of my other photos from yesterday seem short, sweet, warm, and/or sincere?










For all of my readers who are celebrating the Jewish New Year today, here‘s a short and sweet, warm and sincere video:

If you leave a short and sweet comment,  I will reply warmly.

Short and sweet thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for visiting, here and now.



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39 thoughts on “Day 1372: Short and sweet, warm and sincere

  1. Love that doggie’s eyes!
    Heading into a week or so of no internet. See you when I return! Posts when I get back.

  2. Enjoyed your post today. It shines with Short and Sweet, Warm and sincere feelings. I am wishing you continued speedy healing and your positive attitude is shining through.
    My favorite was the card with the mouse. It just oozes your feelings of the title.
    I also loved the video and although I am not of the Jewish faith I too wish all my Jewish friends and all who participate in the Jewish faith a very Happy New Year. The video was so up lifting.
    Keep on this positive path that is taking you home.
    Have a very happy week and I look forward to your next post.

  3. Keeping it short and sweet lengthens the goodness of your healing and sweetness of your post. (So… why did the chicken cross the road?)

  4. Short and very sweet ~ wishing you continued healing and of course the happiness you are showing with your incredible spirit…I still find it hard to believe how up & active you are after having open-heart surgery. Stunning.

    • I find it all hard to believe and stunning, too. Thank you for your very sweet, warm, and sincere visit, Randall! ❤

  5. The kitty might be short, and I’m sure is sweet, but he/she seems a bit putout in these photos! I hope your doctor appointment to figure out the balance of meds/diet is very short and ends on a sweet note.

  6. Gene Phillips

    What a setup! It is you who are short and so very sweet.

  7. Thank you for your gifts of apple, honey, song and blog. This post was short and sweet but full of Ann. Shana tova to you, Michael and Aaron. May your year be long on Skype time.

  8. Yes there are lots of short and sweet and sincere photos, especially you and Carol. Happy New Year to my Jewish friends. We are getting ready to sincerely celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a short grace and sweet pumpkin pie! Looking good Ann!

  9. Is that hedgehog blowing a shofar? It seems fitting that you can celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a short and sweet joke about your recovery: Shofar so good.

  10. Short, sweet and sincere … A lovely tribute to you Ann 💕💕

  11. Haven’t been by a lot, d/t some physical issues of my own; though less threatening, they were nonetheless enough to keep me mostly offline. Congratulations on your successful surgery, and best wishes for a complete recovery… You seem to have a full and complete support system, so, I shan’t worry over it; I’ll just send good thoughts….

    Blessed Be


  12. Ann,
    Short and sweet is the right prescription. For slow and steady wins the race.

  13. Sending good thoughts to you!

  14. I like short and sweet.

  15. My favorite pic of the day? The one with you smiling.

  16. My daughter is short and sweet unless she is in a mood and then she is short and not sour but crazy yes crazy suits Tasha when I say short she is 4’7″ tall.

  17. Short, sweet and to the point, Shana Tovah. 🐝🍎 Rooting for that super fast recovery you seem to be heading for! ❤️

  18. Pingback: Day 1373: Dreams | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  19. love seeing your sweet face Ann!! Shana Tovah and all good things ti you in this coming year! ❤

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