Day 1369: Cool Cats and Cool Jazz

Hello, Cool Cats!

It is AMAZING to me that the number of today’s blog post is 1369. That is the coolest number, right now, to the cool cat writing this here blog post.  Why?  Because the 1369 Jazz Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was one of my favorite haunts in the 1980’s. And this post is very much about jazz cats and other cool cats.

Last night, this cool cat was reading her own medical record from the cool Mayo Clinic in jazzy Minnesota, where she had open heart surgery a scant nine days ago. She found a very cool  Cardiovascular Surgery Consult note in that medical record from a very cool cat named Lucinda Stroetz, assistant to the jazziest, coolest heart surgeon in the world, Dr. Joseph Dearani, who also plays jazz saxophone.

Here are the best excerpts from that pre-surgery note, written last week on September 20, 2016:

Ms. Koplow is a delightful 63-year-old woman who was born with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries. She had congenital complete heart block and underwent pacemaker implantation November 22, 1963, with epicardial wires and underwent epicardial lead replacement in 1966; both via left thoracotomies. She has had multiple pacemaker revisions. An endocardial dual-chamber pacemaker was implanted in 1987, then a CRT ICD was implanted May 2015. Her echocardiogram now shows congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries, mild systemic ventricle enlargement (morphologic right ventricle), severe left atrioventricular valve regurgitation. Ms. Koplow had her first episode of congestive heart failure in July 2016 in the setting of pneumonia.

Ms. Koplow is a psychotherapist. She is accompanied by her boyfriend, Michael. She is a jazz enthusiast and singer.

Anesthesia: Please note Ms. Koplow reports severe nausea and vomiting following previous anesthetics. She is also a singer and is concerned about vocal cord irritation from the endotracheal tube.

She is a jazz music enthusiast and has requested Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny music in the operating room if appropriate.
Patient is ready to learn, no apparent learning barriers were identified; learning preferences include listening and visual aids.

Because I DO prefer listening and visual aids, here are my coolest photos from yesterday:
















That last cool photo shows the coolest gift in the world from fellow jazz-lover and extremely cool friend, Peggy.  I was hoping to create a video of that dancing-cool-cat speaker playing “The Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton as I was singing along to the lyrics, but that was a little too arduous for this cool cat, as she continues to heal from open heart surgery.

Instead, I’ll just share this favorite tune from those cool jazz cats Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny:

Here’s one more cool photo, of three cool cats (including jazzy Jackie Chan!)


Because gratitude is the coolest, here’s how I’m feeling towards all those who helped me create today’s cool post AND to you — of course! — for visiting, here and now.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1369: Cool Cats and Cool Jazz

  1. Hi, Ann, so glad you’re home recovering! I can imagine it’s a long road and I’m guessing you will work hard every step of the way. Sending love and hugs ❤

  2. Love the music video!

  3. Congenitally Corrected!! How great is that? Keep feeling good Ann!! ❤

  4. One cool post

  5. So, where where you when the world lost JFK? Sorry, sometimes dates stick out… She does sound like one cool cat of a heart surgeon assistant. And a bit of jazz does make everything better – with that playing during surgery no wonder your recovery has been so good!

    • That was part of the trauma of my first heart surgery, Trent, when I was 10 years old. JFK was killed while I was in surgery and it affected EVERYTHING, as perhaps you might imagine.

      Thanks for your cool appearance in my blog today!

  6. Very jazzy and cool cat post, Ann! Love the upbeat sound coming from you! Life is good, is it not? More *gentle* BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  7. Cool file notes. Cool pics. Cool docs. Cool nurses. Cool patient. AND Cool photo with Jackie Chan!

    Looks like everything’s coming up coolio for Ann the Cool Cat!

  8. Delightful…a great tag for you ! ☺

  9. Haha – I hadn’t made the connection to “cool cat”. You certainly are one though! Much love

  10. It’s good to know you’re still a delightfully hep cat and also a bit of a prankster. Your link to the 1369 Jazz Club was surprising to say the least.

    • Surprising to me, too, Chris. Okay, here’s my excuse — I HAD FRIGGIN’ OPEN HEART SURGERY 9 DAYS AGO! And, I fixed that link, so now it’s cool. ❤

  11. That medical history is the scariest thing I have read in a long time. The beginning, where they mention that you are delightful, doesn’t quite prepare readers for the brutally scary stuff that follows. I am glad that you are alive and healthy and also, if course, delightful.

    Did they play the music you wantedduring the surgery?

    • They did!!!! It was so cool and I came out of the surgery with the jazz music I love in my heart, soul, and brain. The coolest.

      • This, by the way, was a very cool post. I am sorry that I got to it so late in the day.

        It is amazing to think that your heart was exposed not only to air but also directly to music, during your surgery. They may have stitched some jazz tight into you.

      • This is the coolest comment ever, Maureen. ❤

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