Day 1368: Good, better, best

Today’s post title is inspired by this equipment from the Mayo Clinic, designed to prevent pneumonia after major surgery:



It would be good, according to my health team, if I breathe into that plastic instrument once every hour I’m awake. I’m doing a much better job than I expected following their instructions. It’s best if I don’t tell you how often I’m REALLY using it.

Here are some photos I’ve recently taken, now that I’m home recovering from open heart surgery  a week ago:




















Are there any images you thought were good, better or best?

People seem to think this blog is good enough no  matter what I post. They seem to like it better if I show photos and best if I include music. So here‘s music from one of the best movies I’ve ever seen — The Crying Game. (Please click on “here” in the previous sentence to hear that music.)


It’s good that I feel well enough to create another blog post so easily and so soon after my very recent valve replacement surgery.  It would be better if you left a comment with your thoughts about good, better, and best.  It’s best if I publish this post now and take a rest.

Thanks to all those who helped me create this good, better, best post and thanks to all my readers, who are the BEST!

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40 thoughts on “Day 1368: Good, better, best

  1. It’s good you are home now to recuperate, it’s better that you retained your sense of humor even though they tinkered with your heart, it’s best that you have lots of friends who will post comments on your blog which will make your heart smile and thus heal even faster.

  2. Great post… Love this ❤

  3. 4focusing

    Heal well, Ann!

  4. It’s good that you are home. It’s better if you did your breathing exercises religiously and its best that you have your own CAT scan at home😜 Keep up the good healing!

  5. amusez798387

    It’s good you are blogging, better you are healing, and best you are home.

  6. Gene Phillips

    The puns are good, the “genuine” “authentic” watch is better, and the photo from Jan. 1964 is the best to me.

  7. Hey! I love the puns. Thanks for posting them.

    It is so wonderful to hear how well you are doing. You are really working at it, too. I feel like I should take up jogging or something, to keep up!

    Hugs from the west coast.

  8. Take plenty of rests, Miss Ann. Love the retro pic of you. Seems there was always a cat in your life. That’s the best. ❤️ 💛 💙 💜

  9. The puns and crying game are both up there Ann, but the best is the snuggle with your cat. Rest well and keep getting better and better at healing!

  10. A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Is this a joke?”
    It’s no joke that even the best can improve and that’s why I look forward to your continuing improvement.

  11. You won’t go far wrong with the Man from Uncle. And Series Two is in colour!!

  12. Welcome back, my friend!

  13. Congrats on making it back home in fine fettle! 😁 Is that photo of the little girl and the cat circa 1960s you by any chance, Ann?🐈 I’m so glad the surgery went well and you’re on the mend again. Btw, my dad worked for 20th Century Fox and took me on the set of the Man From Uncle when I was a teenager. It was very modern and space-y.📺

    • Your guesses are the best, Sunny! And I am thrilled that you saw the set of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. That show was some of my best medicine as I was recovering from my first heart surgery (one month before that photo of me and my first cat was taken).

  14. Such great old shows and movies to watch- so great to have a kitty sleeping with you (on you) helping you heal!! ❤

  15. Your open heart surgery and “The Crying Game”…never would I have imagine the two sharing a post so well 🙂

  16. You can probably figure out which picture(s) I like best, but adorable young Ann is a close, close second. BTW, I saw that exact dress you’re wearing at Macy’s today; you’ve always been at the forefront of fashion!

  17. It looks to me like your cat is the best at keeping you company!

  18. That’s a good device for keeping you better. I like the puns best

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  20. I still try to use the Voldyne every day. My caretaker suggested I start at 1250, and try to do 100 inhalations before going to the next level. I now do 40-50 at 2500. I recommend that everyone get a Voldyne; it really strengthens your lungs. If you’re a smoker, the white disc will turn brown, reason enough to quit!

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