Day 1365: Intentional Rounding

As you are rounding your way past the beginning of my blog post today, what do you suppose is the intention of the phrase “Intentional Rounding”?

My intention is to round my way to showing you this sign I saw yesterday, after I was intentionally rounded out of the Intensive Care Unit four days after open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota:

As I intentionally rounded corridors  –slowly, but on my own two feet — around the cardiac units here, I intentionally rounded up these images on my iPhone camera:

Be cause people here be cool, be kind, be nice, be appreciative, and be respectful, they might be intentionally rounding me out of the hospital soon, so that my boyfriend Michael and I can be intentionally rounding back to our home in Boston.

How about a round of intentional applause for that possibility?

Thanks so much for intentionally rounding yourself here, today!

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33 thoughts on “Day 1365: Intentional Rounding

  1. Glad to hear you’re on your feet. Love the round up of ducks.

  2. Amazing progress. Congratulations to all concerned

  3. a round of applause to you Ann- keep it up!! Love those little ducks too 🙂

  4. I see you have a red heart pillow. Mine is blue. I still have it. I have slept with it and held it through the night every evening since Mar 16, 2006.

  5. This is odd. I read the title and the flyer numerous times because it made no sense to me. Then, duh! I had kept reading the word international rather than intentional!
    Hope they soon intentionally round out your diet, Ann.

  6. Looks like you have a well rounded caring staff. I am sure you will be around for many years because of the well rounded care you received. We all send a round of applause to all your caregivers.
    We are also happily looking forward to your next round of posting. :o)

  7. When I saw the phrase “Intentional Rounding” I thought it referred to you intentionally rounding the corner toward health and being able to go home. I hope you’ll put check marks under “Done” for a few more heart health videos before you go.
    As lovely as the view from your window looks–I expected the area surrounding the Mayo Clinic to be much less green–I hope you’ll be making the return part of your round trip soon.

  8. A very well-rounded blog today, Ann! And your talk of going home sounds fantastic! I liked the angel with the wire wings, sweet and blessed, and you are too. Keep on healing, and all the best as you get ready to go home. ❤️❤️ 🍭🐝🌴😘

  9. Wow! My eyes are rounded in aweI For you, your recovery, your care, your ability to walk on your own two feet already, your willingness to walk on your own two feet already. My eyes are rounded in awe for your team, the Mayo clinic, your photos.

  10. Gene Phillips

    The ducks are the best, except for hearing you’re on your feet.

  11. I am so delighted to read this. I don’t know what all those things on your “to do” list are, but you sound very much on the mend.

    Once you are allowed out if the hospital, can you go home by plane or do you have to stay in a hotel near the hospital?

  12. Ann, if they offer both PT and OT in your plan of care, I would take it, but only if you´re up to it. A plan of care with both therapies sounds like a great plan, though, just my two cents. I highly respect both disciplines. 🌺

  13. I gave a little clap and said hell yes just so you know

  14. You’re doing well. I hope they think so too. Wow. Glad to see new pic’s from your phone!

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