Day 1364: Cardinal Rules

Yesterday, my boyfriend Michael, who likes cardinals, bought some cardinal cards at the Mayo Clinic hospital gift shop. 

One of my cardinal rules is never to wager unless I’m sure about an outcome, so there was no betting when Michael and I played 500 Rummy in the Intensive Care Unit last night, as I continue to recover from my recent open heart surgery. 

Another cardinal rule of mine is that I prefer winning to losing , so Michael and I might play Crazy Eights  today, instead. 

I also have a cardinal rule about eating fresh and healthy food, so these meals at the Mayo …

… are definitely inspiring me to get out of  the hospital as soon as possible. 

Another cardinal rule of mine, which I practiced at this daily blog for several years, was never to show my own face here. I break that cardinal rule if I think my readers might find my face reassuring.

And don’t I rule, looking so good so soon after valve replacement surgery ?

What are your cardinal rules?

Another blogging rule for me is to end a post with  thanks to my readers, because you all rule!

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65 thoughts on “Day 1364: Cardinal Rules

  1. I just have one, really. Be kind

  2. Ann you DEFINITELY rule my friend. Happy to see your face!! ❤

  3. You look great, hang in there!

  4. Be well soon, grace and peace.

  5. Thanks for being a rule breaker today. You look fabulous dahling!

  6. You look very good after the surgery.

  7. Looking good, Ann!

  8. Kathy bowers

    Great to see you looking so good
    Kathy Bowers
    Cardiac rehab at Mt. Auburn

  9. Ann you look great. My cardinal rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated, with kindness and compassion.

  10. You look very good Ann, not possible to see, what you just have gone through 🙂
    Take very good care of yourself.

  11. Glad you broke,a rule,y look great!

  12. You look awesome Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. Ann! You look GREAT!!!!! Yahooooooooo!

    Hugs to you and Michael. Thank you for the photo of your low Vitamin K diet.(I hope there is food for Michael somewhere, too.)

  14. My cardinal rule is to read blogs from people who have Buddha smiles!

  15. Looking pretty chipper! Like a cardinal on a tree! Mac and cheese is usually pretty good in hospital. Continued healthy recovery!

    • One of my cardinal rules is to eat mac and cheese whenever possible. But they made me leave the hospital before I got any! Oh well. And I’m looking even more chipper as I’m writing this reply to your comment, which rules!

  16. Be well…peace and blessings. They say overtime you see a cardinal, you saw an angel. I’ll think of you when I see my red friends at my feeder.

  17. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    Following cardinal rules definitely helps. I know what hospitals and surgeries mean, and I hope you are in good hands receiving proper care. Most likely you’ll be soon on foods which you prefer. You’re doing fine so far, so certainly keep everything getting better and better. I hope you return home soon because that heals on its own.

  18. Wow, I didn’t know! Good healing to you! xo

  19. Glad you shared your pic with us, Ann. Looking strong ! Try not to eat much of that hospital food. ☺

  20. You look great, Ann. Good luck getting out of there and to some fresh veggies soon!

  21. Maria Talbott

    Yeah, you look amazing!

  22. The meal looked good. But, you look better! God bless and get back to full speed.

  23. Amy Goldman

    Thinking of you all the time…So reassuring to see your face! You look remarkably well…..Especially considering all you have been through…Love your blog!
    May each day bring added strength , less pain…and better food!


  24. You look fantastic–so happy that things went well!

  25. Nice to see your face, just saying.
    My cardinal rule would have to be don’t judge as generally you don’t know all the facts and it is not up to me to judge others it is up to God, unless of course you are a judge or on jury then you have to judge

  26. Here’s a cardinal flower for you which I’ve often seen in the wild. I hope you’ll soon be peas & carrots again.

  27. Glad you’re playing cards and typing again. It’s good to see you looking good. Now… eat your peas and keep getting better.

  28. You look great!

  29. There you are!! Looking good Ann. My cardinal rule is to “try to understand.” I would like to have some grander ones, but don’t think I live up to them so well 😌

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