Day 1363: Melting

As the hours melt away from my open heart surgery three days ago, the nausea and pain are slowly melting away. 

Yesterday, I was able to tolerate this melting chocolate ice cream. 

And I took some pictures of my old melting sound machine, which freaked out the security people at the airport last Sunday. 

That sound machine, with a plastic casing that has melted from years of exposure to strong sunlight in the window of my office, looked like a home-made explosive. When I explained that I was bringing it with me to the Mayo Clinic to help melt away my fears and anxiety with the soothing sounds of the ocean, the airport security staff’s fears melted away and they even gave me a hug. 

Two more  melting photos today, before I melt back into sleep. 

That’s a screenshot of my meltingly adorable son, Aaron, FaceTiming with me from Scotland. 

And doesn’t this oxygen reader on my finger remind you of E.T?

I am melting with gratitude that I can “phone home” to those I love from the hospital.



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32 thoughts on “Day 1363: Melting

  1. YEAH! There you are Ann.
    Looking good. So does Aaron ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Sending lots of love and healing light. xo

  2. Your melting machine, giving off terrorist vibes ?? Glad it ended with a hug. Love the fingertip glow, Ann. Take care, heal slowly. ๐Ÿ’˜

  3. So glad the security guards’ hearts melted as this is not always the case. Wonderful you have your sound machine with you!

  4. Eleanor

    Love the pink fingers!! And love that you are getting better and better and better every moment.

  5. It is wonderful, that you are healing so well Ann ๐Ÿ™‚ Send you healing thoughts and wish you all the best. Great that you are able to keep the contact to your family from the hospital.

  6. Isn’t Skype/FaceTime grand?love that screenshot- melt my heart- he phoned home-I have a son in Croatia.
    Here’s my response to your glowing finger, Ann.

  7. So happy you’re getting better dear Ann! Love the glowing finger. Cool.

  8. Excellent! These melt way from your are very good ones.

  9. Oh, Ann!! May the Love you feel when you read these words melt away any lasting pain. Looking good and your son, if I were a wee younger, I would snatch him before anyone else did. The look of Love on his face says it all!!! โค โค โค

  10. Yay, Ann! How good to see your meltingly lovely face on the FaceTime screenshot! You guys are so tech-savvy! We just learned last week how to take a screen shot when a check-in representative at the airport showed us how to transfer my husband’s boarding pass from my phone to his by taking a screen shot and texting it to his phone. Feel better and enjoy that melted ice cream!

  11. Niko

    I wish you a quick recovery my Dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hugs from Nebraska to you, too, Ann! Keep on healing and posting what you can. It is good to know how you are doing, that even heart surgery won’t keep you down!

  13. So glad you feel up to this. You go girl!

  14. So wonderful to receive another blog for you, on the other side of the operation. Allow all your pain, fear, worry, and fatigue melt away as your recovery continues.

    peace and healing,

  15. How wonderful for Aaron that he can not only hear your voice but see your face from so far away! Brings him closer all while pushing away his fears, I’m sure!

    Much love and hugs and light and healing sounds an all! โค

  16. Sending you my love, as I watch your sonโ€™s hair glowing a beautiful golden-red hue, and you recovering in the background!โค๏ธ

  17. My heart is melting at your recovery and good cheer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Looking good, melt away on a cloud of marshmallows and ocean brezes!

  19. So glad you’re starting to feel better Ann. โค
    Diana xo

  20. Yay for Aaron,Michael and chocolate ice cream! I am in awe of modern medicine and your fortitude, that you are able to take photos and blog so soon after surgery.

    Also happiness and health to you, Ann!

  21. The melting clocks in Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” represent unstructured time, time without schedules or obligations. I hope your time is melting now while you heal.
    To misquote The Rolling Stones, time is on your side.

  22. Welcome back. Your smile makes me smile.

  23. Happy, happy, happy dancing for you Ann. Your words have soothed our worries, no extra soothing sounds needed. Heal fast and get back here ASAP!

  24. So glad you are recovering, Ann. My heart is melting with joy for you!

  25. I am not melting as it is cool and wet here today although if I don’t eat soon my insides might start melting from all the stomach acid ok not really but wouldn’t it be nice if when we go without food our bodies would melt the extra fat to take the place of food.

  26. I see that you have time to read other blog posts and check out Facebook. Rest and get better soon.

  27. love that screen shot and happy the screeners at the airport were so accommodating. Sweet dreams dear Ann

  28. Woo hoo! Melting ice cream and glowing fingers! I’m glad things ended well for the melted sound machine. Sending lots of healing thoughts!!!

  29. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is verry gud nooz i am glad yoo ar feeling wel!!! i am sending lots of vizsla tail wags for fore kontinyood rekoveree!!! ok bye

  30. Welcome back

  31. I wish you good healing!

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