Smoke after the battle.

It’s me again, Michael, with an update from the scenic mid-west.

The title of this post is a phrase that one of the cardiologists here at the Mayo used to sum up Ann’s post-op and it seemed rather apt. Although a blinding success, the second day after surgery has left her nauseous and sore. This is naturally to be expected. Overall though, things couldn’t have gone better and now, if everything goes as predicted, Ann is heading out of the ICU and ready to start the long, mundane yet essential process of healing. The more mundane the better.

Anyway, I’m taking my computer over to the hospital with me so Ann can read all your beautiful comments and, hopefully by tomorrow, Ann will be back online and ready to enthrall you with the harrowing details of her ordeal. Thanks very much for everyone’s patience and I’m sorry I couldn’t get to any of your comments but, I’ve read them all and , I must say, you’re an exceptionally beautiful and well heeled group of people. Take care of yourselves.

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47 thoughts on “Smoke after the battle.

  1. Get well quick!

  2. Excellent news. I’m sure it’s not easy, but she’s tough. Hopefully the worst is over now and it’s all good news and better news from here on out.

  3. Gene Phillips

    Yes, let’s hear it for the process being as mundane as possible….no excitement desired.

  4. Jon Stein

    I can’t wait to hear from Ann. She’s very brave as well as educated.

  5. So terrific of you to do this for her, Michael.

    Ann, I’m glad you’re still smokin’ hot. Hopefully you will remember almost nothing and there will be nothing to write but a few “phew”s.

    Heal well and quickly.

  6. Mend comfortably 🙂

  7. So glad to hear- and yes, the day after or any surgery, and none this major is usually a hard one. I hope the coming days find Ann feeling better each one. Hugs and kisses ❤ ❤

  8. I am glad to hear and thank you for sharing. Hope she recovers soon.

  9. Here’s hoping for a “mundane” and event-free recovery! Thanks for letting her virtual friends know.

  10. I think she made it over the riskiest hurdle like a champ and pray the discomfort will fade quickly. Thanks for the update.3

  11. I’m glad the operation went well. Hoping for a mundane healing!

  12. I agree with Gene. Mundane is good.

  13. Michael, that’s wonderful!

  14. Michael, thank you so, so, so much for reporting on Ann’s progress. Please tell her that I am sorry that she feels like she has been stepped in by a camel and that I hope the mundane process of healing comes with good food.

    You have a unique, warm voice here on the blog and it is such a pleasure to meet you.

  15. What they all said!

  16. Debbie Terman

    Love phrases like “blinding success”!

  17. Hi, Michael, again, thank you so much for your voice, sharing with us Ann’s progress and difficulties. The best verb for how I feel about Ann is that I cherish her. It is of considerable solace to me that she has you loving her up and staying close, especially through these first moments, hours, weeks. Love to you both.

  18. Sally

    Great news. Hope she will heal smoothly and completely as time passes.

  19. J

    Both the blog and Ann have been in exceptionally good hands with you at the keyboard. Love to you and Ann. We can’t wait to welcome Ann back to the blog, but you done good kid. xxoo j

  20. Thanks Michael and Ann be patient in healing and hold on to the gifts that come your way while you wait. Hugs and love. ❤
    Diana xo

    And here's a favourite of mine for you.

  21. So glad to hear more good news, Michael. I especially like things like mundane and recovery in the same sentence. Let’s hope that’s so and that Anne will be writing again soon. Thanks so much for posting so we know things!! All good wishes Anne!!!

  22. Newell

    I am so touched to see how many people Ann has reached. For a long time I thought she was my well kept secret. No more. She has clearly gone wholesale and has spread her gifts far and wide. Love to hear and you. Newell

  23. Thank you for the updates, Michael. You’re a pretty well-heeled guy yourself, from what we hear! Give her a kiss on th forehead rom her many fans and fiends who live her. 😘

  24. Fans and friends who love her. Damn autocorrect!

  25. God gave you a special heart in more than one way Ann. Godspeed to your healing! ❤

  26. Amy Goldman

    So pleased to hear that Ann’s surgery went well and that she is making progress….Please let her know that she is my thoughts, heart and prayers…Wishing Ann and Michael all the best.

  27. Thanks so much for the update Michael! You’re a great surrogate!! Tell Ann I’m wondering how the music part went – did she have good (or interesting anyway) dreams? Now for the healing, remember: trees, cats, music. Here’s hoping for a great, mundane healing experience! Love you Ann

  28. Here’s to slow and steady, mundane recovery. Thanks for the update.

  29. Great news!

  30. That’s brilliant news! Here’s wishing you a complete and comfortable a possible recovery. So glad for you that the surgery is over and a new chapter begins.

  31. Don’t let her overwork!

  32. Ann, sending you so much love. Chin up with the all the healing. Take it slow. Little by little, the discomfort will go . You’re a Buddha.

  33. The more mundane the better is right. Heal well…

  34. Thinking of you. Heal well and soon.

  35. Good news! Thanks for keeping us posted, Michael. Keep up the good fight, Ann. God bless.

  36. Michael, Ann is going to be just great. Good luck holding her back!

  37. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Michael

  38. George

    I’m so grateful for the loving and capable hands of all of your care givers. And I’m proud of you Ann for the way that you embraced this experience and made it your own, finding the joy, peace and love that was holding you.

  39. Terrific news. I am so happy and, with apologies to Deep Purple, the following comment should be read with a heavy bass rhythm in the background.

    You came out to the Mayo
    In the land of many waters,
    To have the surgery you needed,
    And maybe watch the otters.
    Sondheim and some Steely Dan
    Might lift your spirits there,
    And thoughtful words from friends
    Will remind you that we care.

    Smoke after battle, comments on the blog.

  40. Best part of the mundane process of healing happen in the mundane parts! Hope your healing is as mundane as possible Ann!

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