Day 1360: Clean and ready

The title for today’s post comes from a sign I saw yesterday on an examining table at the Mayo Clinic.


Yesterday, I was clean and ready to use the knowledge and advice of Dr. Carol Warnes, the expert on unusual hearts like mine.

This morning, after using a special anti-bacterial soap, I am clean and ready for my open heart surgery today.

My boyfriend Michael, who took the photo above,  is clean and ready for guest blog appearances here.

After I had my cardiac catherization yesterday, which showed that my arteries are clean and ready for today’s surgery, I met the amazing Dr. Joseph Dearani, the Mayo heart surgeon who will be replacing my leaky valve with a clean and ready to use  mechanical one. When I was ready to share with Dr. Dearani my knowledge that he plays jazz saxophone,  Dr. Dearani was ready to answer my question, “Who is your favorite jazz sax player?”  I was clean amazed that he named my favorite saxophone player — the late,  great Michael Brecker.  I asked Dr. Dearani if he would play Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny music in the operating room during my surgery, and he was cleanly ready to do that.

Are you clean and ready for my other photos from yesterday?








That last photo shows the clean and ready waiting room near admissions, where I’ll check in today at 5:30 AM, after this  post is clean and ready to publish.

Are you clean and ready for using a tune  with Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny playing  clean and beautiful musical lines?


I am clean and ready to join Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny in expressing that readily beautiful sentiment: “Every day I thank you.”

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62 thoughts on “Day 1360: Clean and ready

  1. I’m sending waves of good wishes and calm to you and your surgeons and nurses from the other side of the Atlantic.

  2. Happy thoughts and well wishes to you Ann!!!! We will see you on the other side of the surgery, as you wake up in your pillowy softness and with a nonleaky valve!!!!

  3. sending positive vibes and love my friend! ❤

  4. I wish you the best

  5. Your blog, like your heart, will not be skipping a beat. See you soon, Ann, clean and new. 💘

  6. This morning all of the literary and musical references to hearts that i hold in my memory, flooded my mind. I hear very clearly the chorus of love in the hearts of those who are physically near you in life and those who have come to love you through this blog.
    What else, really, can we do to sustain one another throughout life than to actively love and respect one another and ourselves? Thank you for all the love you generate and inspire and may it help hold you today and in the days to come!
    And – i love you and cherish you, Ann!

  7. Wishing you all the best, Ann

  8. Thanks for sharing Michael and Pat – have a wonderful journey today my friend, and hope to catch up on your experience when you return. Sending lots of love

  9. Eleanor

    Looking clean and serene!
    My love and light is there for you in Minnesota.

  10. Sending you love and waitimg for you to blog again!

  11. Sending good thoughts, prayers, hugs and lotsa love Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Clean and ready you are Ann! Sending love and best wishes your way. May it all go as smooth as jazz 💛

  13. It probably won’t surprise you that the title made me think of the dreidel song, even though it’s the wrong time of year.
    But I’m hoping everything goes well and that you’ll soon be up and ready to play.

  14. Praying clean and ready prayers today, Ann, as my Heart rejoices you will be now getting a clean and ready new valve for your Heart. Much Love, ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Clean and ready to go. Next time we hear from you your heart will have its brand new valve!

  16. Clean and ready to go you are, and by now probably are cleanly off the table and recovering readily in your clean and ready room! I am so impressed with the Mayo Clinic after reading your posts and savoring your photos. What an uplifting place, perfect for a spiritual soul to get her body fixed! May you and yours be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit.<3 ❤ Sunny

  17. Wishing you all the very best as you get your heart fixed with a new valve. Lots of good wishes for you from England.

  18. I woke up full of adrenalin because of your surgery this morning, Ann. I am so excited and hopeful and full of wonder — and also love.

    I noticed that early in in the song that you posted, Brecker adjusted his mouthpiece so that it would give the pitch he wanted. He did it without interrupting the music at all. This made me think of the operating room where your surgeon may be fine tuning the mechanical workings of your heart to get a better flow, while listening to this piece of music. So much power and intent and love here.Sending peace and energy today,Ann.

  19. Best of health to you and your clean and ready guest blogger Michael! I know you will both do well cause, well, you’re both so sparkling clean and ready! Positive energy coming your way.

  20. Hoping for a speedy and comfortable recovery!

  21. Rob F

    Don’t forget about your 922 emails on 9/22 (I hope 92% of them are junk)! 😊

  22. The world is waiting

  23. Get well soon. And don’t stress about your blog. We’ll all be here when you’re back to health.

  24. Enjoy the music, Ann. And get well soon!
    God bless and keep you well,

  25. I missed this entry until you were/are out of surgery and on your way to recovery. I would have wished you love and luck and faeries to help you recover quickly. But now I can wish you MORE love and luck and even MORE faeries to bother you and get you back on your feet! We will be here whenever you get back.

  26. I am cleanly relieved, having read Michael’s following blog, that you are on your way to recovery!!!

  27. Glad to know you are going to be all right, Ann. Another song to find a link.

  28. Hope everything went well!

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