Day 1358: In the clouds

Usually, when I fly in the clouds, I take a photo, because the beauty of those clouds puts me in the clouds. Yesterday, when my boyfriend Michael and I flew from Boston to Minneapolis, I did not capture any clouds, because Michael (who usually stays home with the cats when I travel) had the best view of the clouds from the window seat.

After we descended through the clouds and landed in Minneapolis, we caught a ground shuttle to  Rochester, Minnesota. I noticed a beautiful woman with clouds of pure white hair sitting behind me in the shuttle and I said, “Excuse me for being nosy, but where are you going?’  When she (whose name was Anne)  replied, “The Mayo Clinic,” I shared that I was going there for open heart surgery and a valve replacement. Even though I felt cloudy before we spoke, I was in the clouds when Anne told me:

  1. She had a valve replacement at the Mayo almost exactly six years ago.
  2. Her surgeon was Dr. Dearani, who will be my surgeon, too.
  3. Her experience was very positive.
  4. Dr. Dearani and his team were “the best.”
  5. When she woke up from the surgery, she thought “I was in the clouds, because I was on top of so many pillows.”

Since I’ve been especially dreading the moment after I wake up from heart surgery because those moments were so hellish when I was a kid, I was in the clouds that Anne’s memory was so heavenly.

Anne and I were both in the clouds when we agreed that our meeting yesterday was most likely arranged by certain beings in the clouds.

I am still in the clouds as I’m writing today’s blog post, which is not where I expected to be two days before heart surgery. I hope you are in the clouds when you see my photos from before and after I was in the clouds yesterday.

































Which photos put you in the clouds ?

I was in the clouds when I read, yesterday, that the Mayo  Clinic provides hospitalized patients with massage, guided meditation, and music after surgery.  Maybe I’ll experience something like this when I’m in the clouds:

I hope you know I’m in the clouds whenever you comment.

Thanks to all who helped put me in the clouds to create this post and to you — of course! — for traveling through the clouds to be here, now.

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62 thoughts on “Day 1358: In the clouds

  1. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. My heart sister, my thoughts are travelling through the clouds to be with you. Know you are not alone, we are all with you on this journey xxx

  3. Hope everything goes well and you wake up dreaming of clouds. After my surgery this past summer, I woke up dreaming of sunshine and water–it was a moving experience. All the best to you!

  4. This post has made me very happy. I am so glad you ran into that patient. The perfect friend! I am smiling. What an incredible hospital!

  5. Love that you flew through the clouds and are now again on solid ground. And thank you for the beautiful cloud meditation!

  6. Sounds like the universe rhymed when you met Anne and heard her endorsement of your team!
    I was in the clouds but am now hitting the tracks for Pittsburgh. Thinking of you wherever I am, in the clouds or on the ground. You’ll be so glad to be on the road to healing when you wake up.

  7. Gene Phillips

    You will be in my thoughts. It is good that you are in the clouds.

  8. All the photos put me in the clouds. How nice to see that the cats will be taken care of so well. Apparently Grumpy was campaigning around your area somewhere. You’re in a top-of-the-line clinic so everything will turn out fine. Please promise you will wake up inspired to write in the blog again, and not be depressed about anything.

    (This is from when I worked as an OTR) You will be sore and have ‘cardiac and sternal precautions’ to follow, please do not let this get you down. Think that gradually, little by little, you will recover your strength again.❤️ Remember, ENERGY CONSERVATION will be you ally the first weeks. Rest and be be in the clouds, and this will pay off, believe me. I did work with cardiac patients when I was in the U.S..

  9. Ah…those coincidences…no such thing. You were meant to meet and be reassured by another Anne. May all your facilities be heart-safe. Thinking of you .💘

  10. Lovely pics. Happy Monday.

  11. I have a telescope I usually use for looking at stars but a few times I’ve turned it on clouds and noticed something interesting–something you don’t even see from an airplane. Clouds flow and change, like milk poured into running water.
    They are stranger and more complex than they appear.
    “Cloudy” is too often a negative term for things being hidden when really there’s so much to see even in a cloud.
    I hope that thought comforts you in the cloud you’re currently in.

  12. The skies, the fountain, and the cats make me happy. Thank you for these photos, Ann. I am sending you beautiful thoughts on which to float before and after surgery.

  13. My niece works at the Mayo Clinic and is extremely proud of it because it’s such an excellent facility. You’ll be in good hands, but I understand it’s scary.

    The meditation music put me in the clouds. It’s vey much like the music I listen to while I write. I think I’m going to use it today.

    • Knowing you have a niece that works at the Mayo and that you liked the music here all put me in the clouds, Bradley. Thank you!

  14. Best of luck lounging in the clouds I think the cloud picture above the black cat clock looks like Pegasus flying. A few laps around that lovely fountain will put you on a new cloudscape. I always wonder what it would be like to walk on the clouds when I’m looking down on them from a plane. Something to contemplate. Angels are all around you. Best wishes.

  15. Anne,
    I believe I like the silver bust of Mary the best. It is most appropriate because on the morning of Sept. 21st I will be dedicating my morning rosary to you, as a spiritual bouquet, for your successful surgery and speedy recovery.
    God’s blessings and grace,

  16. Eleanor

    Ann, I thought how serendipitous and then realized serendipity needs a new definition. “A plan for you that you don’t know was already made until it unfolds.” And the plan was made by those beings in the clouds.
    love, Eleanor

  17. Tim loves to take photos of the clouds when we fly, nothing wrong with being in the clouds unless you are always in the clouds and can’t see what is in front of you or around you

  18. I’m so glad you met the lady who could tell you her experience. I love the picture of you and your sister (???) in your I left the house before I was ready t-shirts. I need one of those! And the little yellow heart and the cool video put me in the clouds. Thinking of you!!!

    • That is my long-time friend Deb wearing my t-shirt; she gave Michael and me a ride to the airport so we could take off among the clouds. I’m so glad whenever you comment!

  19. I am wishing you peace and tranquility Ann as you move through the next few days. How wonderful to meet the lovely lady-of-the-clouds-of-white-hair who could assure you you’re in the best of hands. May you be on cloud nine now and after the successful surgery is over and the better health is underway!

  20. Sounds like Someone sent you an angel down through the clouds to give you comfort and reassurance. ❤

  21. Meditation, music and massage put me right into the clouds Ann. Thinking of you my friend ❤

  22. Ann, this is all going to go really well, and then we’ll all be in the clouds!

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  24. Someone up there is looking after you

  25. My favorite pictures to take are flowers, mostly the roses in the front yard, and clouds, especially at sunset. Reading your serendipitous meeting with Anne gave me good chills. 🙂

  26. Your deserve some cloud time Ann! I love that the other Anne reassured you. May you wake up to clouds of pillows and soft music 💕

  27. I wish you the very best, Ann! I remember being in the park on Dec. 12, 2010 and thinking how lucky all the people were that didn’t have to have heart surgery the following day! But my “new” heart with its new valve is better than my old. I can do uphill walks in my 60s that I couldn’t do in my 30s!

    • I just want to let you know, Robert, that your very helpful comment put me in the clouds when I read it last week. Many thanks. ❤

  28. All the best and hope you will feel in the clouds again when you come out with a big smile on your face xoxo

  29. Wow, what a coincidence!!! Some things are just meant to be without us being able to explain…

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