Day 1355: My heart soars

My soon-to-be-repaired heart soars at all the good wishes,  beautiful thoughts, and love I’ve been receiving here in the blogosphere and in the northern hemisphere.

My heart soared yesterday when somebody at work gave me a heart-felt, soaring present.









Like that heart-soaring girl,  I’ll soon be soaring through the air. In two days, I’ll be soaring with my boyfriend Michael to Minnesota for a new valve, which should make my heart soar even better.

What makes your heart soar?

My heart soars  at the memory of this music from Peter Pan.

When I was a kid, my very unusual heart soared whenever Peter Pan soared into my living room.

Whenever comments soar into my blog, my heart soars.

Thanks from my  soon-to-be-sore-and-then-healing heart  to all who helped me create this post  and to you — of course! — for soaring here today.

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49 thoughts on “Day 1355: My heart soars

  1. Long may it continue, Ann

  2. Debbie Terman

    Wishing you a safe journey and spectacularly successful surgery.

  3. Becky

    Get well soon! I just read it now but you’re in my thoughts ❤️

  4. What a perfect gift. Think those wonderful thoughts, and fly, Ann. 💘

  5. She’s a beauty Ann, and a perfect symbol of your journey. Soar on!

  6. Isn’t it interesting how flying and swimming look so similar? Staying aloft and staying afloat? She has beautiful butterfly wings, but your wings are more beautiful still..

  7. amy eden

    My thoughts and good wishes are with you as you face your upcoming surgery. I know we’ll all be waiting for that post surgery blog!

  8. I’ve been thinking about you, Ann. When is your surgery so that I make sure I pray that day for you! May your soar high to touch the stars!!! 🙂 ❤

  9. I love your soaring girl! Very appropriate for a spiritual high-flyer such as yourself! My heart soared today as I drank coffee on my new FL lanai and watched a great white heron soar over our lake and then land in the marsh grass, stretch his neck and scan the area for his breakfast.

  10. Best wishes for a swift, seamless recovery Ann. My heart soars when I see your smiling face at family gatherings, when I sing gloriously, swim far and climb high mountains, and watch my children succeed when they persevere and follow their heart.

  11. I hope you have happy thoughts all the way on your flight to Minnesota.
    In school I was taught there are no nerve endings for sensation in internal organs like our heart and yet we can feel happy thoughts lifting our hearts.
    “My heart soars” is not just an expression.
    Let’s just leave that as one of life’s beautiful mysteries.

  12. Here’s hoping you soar through surgery and are on the healing path soon.

  13. The thought of your unusual heart working more efficiently after this surgery makes my heart soar, Ann.

  14. I love it! It’s a work art!

  15. New valve! Yes, you’ll really soar then!

  16. I will light a candle for you at church this Sunday. Mathew

  17. You can fly, you can fly, you can fly! Wonderful present – I would love it too!

  18. She is so bloody nice, I like her, lucky you

  19. My heart soars when I read your posts! Keep soaring and flying high Ann. What a great present 💛

  20. Like Derrick says.

  21. Thoughtful gifts make my heart soar. 🙂

  22. My heart soars at love, kindness and generosity. It soars right here. ❤

  23. I will be thinking of you, Ann. It’s hard for me not to feel anxious based on my past experience with Jason. In fact, his surgery was on Oct. 5, 1992.
    You will be my inspiration – how modern medicine does amazing things. You will be healthy and healed. You truly have a beautiful heart!

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