Day 1354: See the love in everything

Yesterday, after facilitating a therapy group I loved at work, I went to see my lovely Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, George.  I love EMDR, because it has helped me reduce my anxiety about very unlovely experiences I had in the hospital when I was a child.

Because I’m having open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic next Wednesday, I loved the opportunity  to work with George in reducing my anxiety about that.  George and I tried  several lovely images to use when I’m going into surgery on September 21, including floating on the top of lovely water or being held by loving hands.   I love that I came up with this idea at the end of the session: I said to George, “I shall just see the love in everything.” George loved that, too.

I love reporting to you that after the session, I saw the love in everything and everybody.  I love that next week I shall also see the love in:

  • the lovely Deb, who will drive us to the airport in her lovely Honda Fit,
  • the security personnel at the airport,
  • the plane that takes my boyfriend Michael and me to Minneapolis,
  • the shuttle that transports us to Rochester,
  • the hotel where we’ll be staying across the street from the hospital before my admission,
  • all the staff at the Mayo Clinic,
  • all the tests they’ll give me,
  • the needles and other things they’ll poke me with,
  • the questions they’ll ask me,
  • the operating room,
  • the hands of my surgeon,
  • the cardiac care unit,
  • the machines I’ll be attached to,
  • the medications they’ll give me,
  • the tubes going in and out of my body,  and
  • everything and everybody else during my recovery.

Do you see the love in everything I photographed yesterday?






















I see the love in those cats named Stormcloud and Peaches, who are being adopted together by some lovely family today.

I see the love in this lovely tune, which my late father sang with love to my late mother at an anniversary celebration.

I will see the love in everything you leave in a comment.

I see the love in all who helped me create this post and in you, here and now.

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39 thoughts on “Day 1354: See the love in everything

  1. I love everything about this post Ann

  2. ❤❤

  3. Love is everywhere Ann!
    I love this post.
    I love you too 💕

  4. Eleanor

    If you know ahead of time please post the time of your surgery so we can all stop for a moment and send you our love and healing thoughts, as well as your team next Wednesday. I love you and my healing thoughts have been with you all these past weeks.

  5. Nothing to say, sending love.

  6. George

    Thanks Ann. You are a reminder to me today to practice acceptance, gratitude and appropriate surrender of my will to those who care for me and love me as I am.
    I love your share today and hold you in faith and love til we see each other again.

  7. Sending loving thoughts

  8. Much love to a beautiful and courageous woman. 🙂

  9. I love Nat King Cole, love that song, and love everything else about this post.

  10. I love that you always make me think about things in new and interesting ways. At the moment, for instance, I’m thinking about love and how it’s a feeling that’s always applied to something else, but can be applied to anything. Anything that exists, even if it’s only in our imaginations, can be enrobed in love. Maybe that’s why love is all we need.

  11. Love really is all around us and I truly try to look for it every day. I must say my heart nearly burst seeing the Goodnight Moon book. I think I broke some sort of record reading that to my children. At the time, I thought “If I have to read this one more time.” Today I realize it was worth every second.

  12. I see love in everything you do Ann!

  13. Love your positive thinking tools. All will be well next week!

  14. For some reason the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore show popped into my head. “Love is all around no need to waste it…” I think seeing love in everything would get us through each day with more buoyancy! Thinking of you as THE day draws near. I agree with Elyse…All will be well.

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  20. noonespecial

    love is here to stay for ever + one day!!!!!
    I love everything here!

  21. Anie Abraxas

    thank you Ann Koplow, well I do not know, where my comment landed…but also silliness can be found…: ( somebody!

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