Day 1352: Forget it!

I forgot my phone at work last night, so if you expected to see any photos from yesterday, forget it!

I tend to forget:

  • my phone,
  • umbrellas,
  • numbers,
  • song lyrics,
  • people’s names,
  • dates,
  • details about movies I’ve only seen once,
  • grudges, and
  • I forget what else.

Stress often increases forgetfulness.  I’m forgetting more than usual this week. If you want me to explain why that is, forget it!   I’d rather focus on what I wish I could forget, which includes:

  • past hurts,
  • past disappointments,
  • past illnesses,
  • past surgeries,
  • cruelty, and
  • politics, if only for a moment.

But forget it! I can’t control what I forget and what I remember. Right now, I remember talking to my friend Megan yesterday about the ups and downs of life and how we wished we could remember to ride them, like surfers riding waves.

I’m sure there are recent photos I’ve forgotten to include in this blog.

Here’s one!


I forget why I took that.  Actually, I think I took it accidentally.

If you want me to come up with a reason for why that photo is a good match for today’s blog, forget it!  I have to leave early because I forgot to get an inspection sticker for my car, and if a cop stops me about having an expired sticker, forget it!

I wonder if there’s anything titled “Forget It” on YouTube?

Forget it!  There’s too many Forget Its on YouTube!  Here’s the first “Forget It” I found:

Here‘s a song I’ll never forget and which I heard yesterday on my way to work:

If you want me to explain why “Love is the Answer” by Todd Rundgren is unforgettable, forget it!

If you leave a comment, I won’t forget it. And I can’t forget to thank all who helped me create today’s post or you — of course! — for remembering to visit, here and now.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1352: Forget it!

  1. I forgot my whole purse with phone the other day. Drove twenty miles and stopped for gas when I realized it! Thankfully I had enough gas to get home, get my purse, and get to a nearby, very expensive, gas station.
    Forget the past pains!

  2. Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line comes to mind when I look at your mystery photo, but I forget how to attach a YouTube video to a reply using my phone.

    In terms of waves, you have some big ones in your life these days. I never forget that you will be having surgery soon, and I never forget to think positive thoughts about that in case it somehow helps.

    • Don’t forget this: your thoughts DO help. And I don’t forget how to attach a YouTube video. You just copy the link on a line by itself.

  3. My girl, forget is my middle name! I do my best to remember it all, but when you’re my age, “all” is a hell of a lot more than a human mind can hold! All we can do is write it down, curse when we forget things, and move on!

  4. I forget so much I have started a spread sheet to plan out my next few months. Worry free vacation? Forget about it! Forget about being stressed. All will come about as planned. Don’t forget you have friends who won’t forget about your lovely pictures and catchy blogs. When you can’t find your head or your hinny-forget about it! All will be made to walk the line as depicted in your first picture!

  5. Love and prayers coming your way. Hope you can stress a little less, but the waiting for surgery is tough, I know! ❤

  6. Sometimes when I forget something I perform a pantomime of stopping, shrugging my shoulders, and going through my pockets and bag before I turn around and go back the way I came. I do this even when I know I’ve forgotten something. I do this for the benefit of any stranger who might be looking and who’d think it’s weird that I suddenly turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.
    The chances that a stranger would see me and would care why I turned around are between slim and none and it’s not as though their opinion would matter and yet I go through this performance anyway.
    I had a reason for bringing this up but I forget what it is.

  7. When someone asks forgiveness for an offense against us, a knee-jerk reaction may be: “Oh, forget it! When the offended does forget the offense, the offender truly has been forgiven.

  8. The yellow car is zooming so fast through life it makes us forget things! In my case, common nouns or unusual adjectives…

  9. When I can’t find my phone I get into a tiss running around looking for it, ringing it hoping to hear it so I can find it. I forget a lot of things like why I am pissed off with someone, grudges, well a few days after the incidence that caused the grudge I have forgotten all about it and the longer the time passes the more likely I will not remember what the grudge is all about

  10. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin

  11. love is always the answer Ann- don’t forget it! ❤

  12. The only time I have ever used my phone for photography was when I forgot to recharge my camera battery. Even then I missed a few opportunities until I remembered the mobile had a camera. Then I had to work out how to use it. 🙂

  13. Forget about it, or as we ex-Brooklynites still might say, Fuhgeddaboudit! Breathe, relax, let go, and it will all be all right. Thinking of you as you look ahead toward surgery.

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