Day 1346: Winners and Losers

Today’s title reminds me of two common cognitive distortions:  black-and-white thinking and labeling.  Yes, we humans — winners and losers all — tend to see things in all-or-nothing terms and we also assign judgmental labels to people, especially ourselves.

We are all winners and losers at some points, aren’t we?  Actually, a more winning perspective might be that “winners” and “losers” are subjective terms that don’t really help.  If I call myself a winner or a loser today, does that change who I am?  Don’t those all-or-nothing labels just cause me to temporarily win or lose confidence,  putting myself on a self-esteem roller coaster?  What would we lose if we stopped calling ourselves losers or winners and just radically accepted ourselves exactly where we are? Personally, I think we would win a lot.

Considering my thoughts on winners and losers, am I a winner or a loser to now ask  which of my photos from yesterday are winners or losers?




















I shall not lose the opportunity to win you over by sharing the impulses behind those photos:

  1. I am trying to win some acceptance about starting a new medication: Warfarin (a/k/a Coumadin).
  2. Warfarin/Coumadin affects how your body uses Vitamin K.
  3. The foods listed on the white board win the prize for having high amounts of Vitamin K.
  4. I’ll need to win a greater understanding of how to control Vitamin-K-rich foods in my diet, or I might lose my health.
  5. Hygga is a Danish word meaning “cozy,” a new-to-me concept which I find very winning.
  6. My cat Oscar can be very hygga.
  7. I am trying to win calmness and lose stress about my upcoming heart surgery and my only child going overseas for college by playing online solitaire.
  8. My boyfriend Michael cooked a winning meal last night.

Is this piece of music a winner or a loser, according to you?


If you leave a comment, I’m a winner!

I’d be some kind of loser if I didn’t express thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for winning my heart by visiting here, today.




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33 thoughts on “Day 1346: Winners and Losers

  1. You and this post are winning me over. ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Peace is priceless. You had me at the first image. Thanks for an always winning message in your blog posts, Ann. 💘

  3. Many years ago one of my high school teachers hung a note in her classroom that said, “The only thing you need to know about prizes is Mozart never won one.”
    Since we were seniors preparing for the AP English exam as well as the ACT and SAT I think that was supposed to make us feel better. It could have also been read as intimidating. Mozart may have never won a prize but he achieved great things.
    I still prefer to think of this way: success is not measured by prizes but by how content we are with ourselves.
    Having said that there’s a prize for you.

  4. A very hygga unbirthday to you, Ann. 🙂

  5. Always a winner 😎

  6. hello kitty. loved the pics.

  7. The first two pics resonated with me. I love the bumper sticker on the car. That’s the winner. The second one is a loser to me. I don’t know if it’s advertising Miller High Life, but that was my first thought. As an alcoholic, the last thing I want is to be welcomed back by alcohol.

    As for the Beck song..big winner. Anyone who can write something so nonsensical and make it a big hit is a winner to me. I probably feel this way because I can be pretty nonsensical to me.

    You’re always a winner to me, Ann.

  8. Them more sticker is the biggest winner, Ann, and you’re a winner too!

  9. yeoldefoole

    We live in the illusion of a zero sum game, in which I cannot win if no one loses….

  10. I don’t get a nut butter that is nut free, just saying, now am I a winner or a loser, let me think well mostly I think I am a winner as I have a great life, that said when it comes to money and comps I am a loser as I rarely win just saying

  11. You are such a hygga huggable winner Ann 🐥

  12. I hope you don’t experience any side effects with the Warfarin, Ann. Will this be added to your bracelet?

  13. Just in case you need the words of Kipling’s famous poem, here is a link:

  14. that dish certainly won me over 😁

  15. Winners or losers Oscar, I’m glad to see you finished your novel! At least you’re in time for the feline Pulitzer commencement ceremony!

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