Day 1345: Outrageous Values

Last night, when my outrageous boyfriend, outrageous son, and my outrageous self were shopping for boots, rainwear, adaptors, and other things my son will value outrageously once he gets to Scotland for college, I saw an outrageously valuable sign.


It’s outrageous how much I value thoughts inspired by signs like “Outrageous Values.” I hope you value my outrageous thoughts about that outrageous sign:

Values ARE personal, so somebody might think my values are outrageous. It’s outrageous how difficult it is to value other people’s values.  Wouldn’t it be outrageously valuable if we could learn to recognize other people’s values as valuable as our own?

Before I saw that outrageously valuable sign, I saw my friend Barbara, whom I’ve been valuing outrageously for sixty years.  Barbara and I share an outrageous number of values, and we also outrageously respect each other’s valuable differences.

Here are some outrageously valuable creations by Barbara:






I  value all that Barbara creates and  I outrageously value her creations with hearts. Hearts are outrageously valuable to all,  including those of us whose hearts are outrageously unusual.

My outrageous values include wanting to eat whatever I like. Outrageously, I’m going to need to adjust that outrageous value after I get outrageously valuable heart surgery on September 21.  Because I’ll be taking the outrageously valuable medication Coumadin after my heart surgery, I’ll be adjusting my diet (which could outrage me).  Last night, I said to my outrageously valuable boyfriend after reading this article on Coumadin “It looks like I’ll never be able to eat guacamole again.”  Michael outrageously replied, “Well, you’ll just have to eat a lot of guacamole over the next two weeks.”

Isn’t that outrageous? Here are some other images I outrageously valued yesterday:






Are there any photos there that you thought had outrageous values?

Before I leave for my outrageously valuable work, here’s some music with outrageous values:

I outrageously value that Barbara and I will be seeing a production of Sunday in The Park with George next Saturday.

If you leave a comment about your outrageous values, I hope you know it will be valued here to an outrageous degree.

One of my outrageous values is gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for your outrageously valuable presence.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1345: Outrageous Values

  1. An outrageous parody of a long time favorite. ☺

  2. Gene Phillips

    Sayoko has an artificial heart valve, takes Coumadin, and eats guacamole. It is all in the balance, I guess. By the way, warfarin (Coumadin) was developed here at the University of Wisconsin. The “warf” is for WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation).

  3. In Lust For Life Seurat briefly tries to impose his own values on Van Gogh–specifically his method for organizing his colors on his palette. Vincent already has his own outrageous values.
    That’s something to consider. In spite of what George thinks at the beginning of “Sunday In The Park…” there is no such thing as a blank canvas. Everything already has its own values but we may not see them through our own.

  4. There is so much going on for your family right now! My brain feels like guacamole just thinking of it. Please let us know when you get the visa. They are making you wait an outrageously long time.

  5. Outrageously valuable blog post by an outrageously valuable person! I especially enjoyed Barbara’s outrageous art work!

  6. I discovered some outrageously valuable information I clicked on the link for Coumadin:
    Avocados are high in vitamin K, it may be best to avoid them. – My outrageous brain sees “may be”, so eat tons of guac over the next 2 weeks and “Maybe” you can have a little bit in the future!
    Dried basil, thyme and oregano aren’t as delicious as fresh anyway, so use a teaspoon of these herbs in their fresh form and you’ll be better for it!
    Store-bought margarine contains unknown amounts of various vegetable oils, and is highly processed and generally not good for you – So use small amounts of butter instead of margarine and be happier for it!
    Store-bought mayonnaise also contains unknown amounts of various vegetable oils Mayonnaise should be homemade with oils that are lower in vitamin K. Homemade mayonnaise is so incredibly delicious!
    Homemade dressings are preferred, because they taste better! (see above)

    I value your outrageously awesome outlook and love your outrageously awesome photos! Keep enjoying life and sharing your outrageously valuable perspective!

  7. What media does outrageous Barbara use on her outrageous artwork? I have a mandala book and am not totally happy with my pencils. True art needs true answers! Outrageous!

  8. wow this was an outrageous post Ann!! I love the hearts- your friend is so talented. Marshalls is my favorite place for outrageous finds at outrageous prices. I thought Avocado was a “good” fat- how outrageous to find out you won’t be able to eat it!!

  9. Outrageous values…………… I have any, I guess I would but what they are I have no idea, why because yet again I have a splitting headache and it hurts my head to think

  10. You are outrageously valuable Ann. I’m pretty sure that should be on your name tag, right under “Ann”.

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  12. How outrageous is ‘You just got passed by a girl’ ?

  13. It takes an outrageous person to write such an outrageous post.

  14. Yes you are outrageous Ann!!
    I wonder how it feels to be inrageous ….

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