Day 1343: Face Time

It’s time to face another daily post from me!  My face is very glad to have time with your face, as always.

I’ve been having daily face time with my readers for over three-and-a-half years. These are the WordPress statistics I’m facing this morning:

All-time posts, views, and visitors

POSTS                                             VIEWS                                          VISITORS

1,344                                              193,852                                            71,635

Let’s face it, that’s a lot of faces and a lot of time! With all that WordPress face time, my readers have faced several other posts about faces (facing here, here, here, here, here and here). If you have the time, consider having Face Time with those older posts about faces with some well-timed clicks on those links.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get all the face time we want with all the faces we love to face. Yesterday,  my Face-Time-avoiding 18-year-old son Aaron got his first laptop and smartphone, which means  we can Face Time with him while he faces time at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. My face is much happier, now that I know we can easily get Face Time with Aaron while he’s away at school  for five years facing a Masters degree in Mathematics.

My face is also happier this morning knowing I’ll be getting face time with two of my dearest and long-time friends – Jeanette  and Barbara — over the next two days. (If you want face time with those two faces I love, click here and here.)

Now, it’s time for Face Time with yesterday’s photos of faces (and other things):



















I hope you enjoyed your Face Time with those photos. Were there any photos you enjoyed facing more than others?

I shall now take  time to explain that those last three faces, above, are worry dolls given to my son Aaron, my boyfriend Michael, and me last night at Besito Mexican Restaurant in Burlington.  Our server said, “Put a worry doll under your pillow at night and that will get rid of your worries.”  Since I’ve had too much Face Time with worry over the years, my worry doll …


… with a face that looks plenty worried, got Face Time with my pillow, last night.

Ready for some Face Time with some music with faces?


My face is now looking forward to Face Time with your comments.

It’s time to face heart-felt thanks from me to all those who helped me create this Face Time post and to you — of course! —  for taking the time to face it.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1343: Face Time

  1. Posts like this till me with a warm glow. I celebrated three years blogging the other day. Big post and everything. How far along is yours? And I really do salute how prolific you are 😀😄😊🙂😆😃

    • Happy 3-year anniversary, Alex! I’ve got you beat by about 7 months. Your comments fill me with a warm glow. Now I’m off to get some Face Time with your blog.

  2. I love those worry dolls!! I need to get me one!! I also love that garden where you can pick your own- so generous. Your choice of song/video is one of my all time favorites Ann.

  3. I love “Chapter One: This is My Heart.” Your blog is often like that chapter.

    Congratulations to Aaron on his laptop. As I have had a child far away at university, I know how connecting Skype and similar programs can be. We put a laptop on our seder tale and he joined us from Boston one year and Tokyo the next. He participated in our Seders but I had to send him matzoh by mail.

  4. Did you buy Aaron’s computer so he had no excuse for continued avoidance

  5. We all need a worry doll!

  6. OMG Ann – I love that turquoise car! ❤
    Diana xo

    thought you might enjoy this, one of my faves from back in the day!

  7. I like Besito…it means “little kiss”. Pretty good name for a Mexican restaurant. ☺

  8. It seems so strange to me that Aaron, a talented writer and performer, would avoid face time, but perhaps he’s one of those people who feels shy one-on-one but can come out of his bubble on stage. I hope I’m not being too forward.
    Facing things, Bubbles, and that car make me think of these lines from another Boston writer, Robert Lowell.

    The Aquarium is gone. Everywhere,
    giant finned cars nose forward like fish;
    a savage servility
    slides by on grease.

    • Thanks for the thoughts about Aaron and the lines from Lowell, Chris. I hope you know how glad I always am to see your face here.

  9. I like being faced with a post from you of a morning, makes me happy

  10. Those worry dolls may be a very good idea. And those horses look positively punk. I wonder if they were styled for the photos. I hope those three worry dolls take in your worried thoughts and expel them harmlessly into the atmosphere. FaceTime is great, by the way. And you can always call Aaron on his phone to get it…

  11. Those worry dolls are kind of scaring the heck out of me at 12:20 AM.

    • They’re too small to scare me, plus I don’t have to face it when it’s under my pillow. Does that help relieve your worry?

  12. Let’s face it, I’m late! Glad I caught up though 😉

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  14. Is ‘nut free’ referring to free of edible nuts or perhaps, ‘free of nutty personalities?’ Lol!
    I empathise with Aaron – I’m not a fan of FaceTime. I can happily do it as long as my face is not on view. Wishing him the best with his studies and to you as you will no doubt miss him. 🌹

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