Day 1341: Good day

Good day, my good readers!

A good way to start this day and blog post is to ask this good question: What is a good day, to you?

During my good day yesterday,  somebody in a therapy group said, “A good day is one when I wake up.”

That’s as good a definition as any.

Here are some good pictures from a good day:













Does that look like a good day?  It was!

And isn’t it good that you can buy love forever in a spray bottle?

I thought it was especially good, during my good day yesterday, that the good page I chose at random from that good book of 365 days of health and happiness boosters was “Find Something Orange,” since my only child has orange hair.

Now I shall find something orange on YouTube:

That’s my good son, good people.

For me, a great day is one when I can authentically express gratitude.



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35 thoughts on “Day 1341: Good day

  1. really like the people statue

  2. I like Aaron’s audience interaction joke, and the ‘every day may not be good…..’ quote

  3. Orange…love the fruit; the color, not so much. Yellow seems to work for me. These days, every day I get to wake up is a good one.

  4. Its a good day when I have red and yellow around … luckily I’m not too excitable!
    Aaron is good!! … I think he picked up a few things from him mom 😃

  5. I agree with the feel of orange and yellow and your variety of photos here were interesting- and liked the book page you gave us readers – however – and not to be negative – but the comedian had an act that was not funny – to me at least – in fact – I kept waiting for it to get better and it was actually the opposite of cheery orbs he for me (painful – ha)

  6. Orange you glad you have such a talented son, Ann? ❤
    Diana xo

  7. I loved Aaron’s act, particularly deconstructing the comparison between the phone book and the appendix. And now I think it’s time to think of something orange.

  8. A good day to me is one where I laugh. I enjoyed reading the passage about the colors. Looks like my favorite colors are the cheerful ones.

  9. Lots of days are good for different reasons. A really good one is when I stay relaxed and can get some exercise. Boy, that’s a low bar!!

  10. Today is a good day.

  11. Before it was ‘have a good day’. Now they say ‘have a good one’.

  12. A good day for me is when I can find the humor in the bad.

  13. Another way to put it is: How would you like your day to be?

  14. Growing up our house had orange carpet. Maybe that’s why we had so many good days!

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