Day 1337: Guess What?

Guess what?  I love to guess!  Do you?

Guess what I saw yesterday and forgot to include in this post when I published it an hour ago?


Guess what this cat is lying on?


A dog bed!

Guess what new kind of fruit I saw for the first time yesterday?


A mini apple!

Guess what would be a good next line?

  1. “How do you like them apples?”
  2. “Does a mini apple a day keep only  short doctors away?”
  3. “Do mini apples come from Minneapolis?”
  4. [your guessed line here]

Guess what bread you use to make an American cheese sandwich?


Guess what is the inside to this greeting card?


Guess what?  I will reveal the answer to that question when I get a guess about the inside of that greeting card from one of you!

Guess what I was doing yesterday evening?















You might not have guessed it from those photos, but I was food shopping yesterday evening with my boyfriend Michael at a new-to-us supermarket.

Guess what supermarket it was?


Guess what I was thinking as I took these few photos after food shopping?






Guess what I’m doing today?

I’m going back to work after a two-week vacation in Edinburgh with my son and I’m probably making plane reservations to Minneapolis for my September 21 heart surgery.

Guess what I’m worried about, right now?

I’m letting go of all worries.  Guess what you could do with worries, too?

Guess what music I’m going to include here?

Guess what I’ll do if you leave a comment below?

Guess what I like to express at the end of all of  my  daily blog posts?


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32 thoughts on “Day 1337: Guess What?

  1. With a wish wand there is no need to worry. And mini apples? How great is that?

    • I’d heard of little green apples before, Lisa, but I’ve never seen an apple that small! And guess what? I got my wish today — a comment from you!

  2. Inside the card: ‘that’s got the cream on its apple’

    • Guess what? I guessed you would guess, Derrick.

      Guess what? I keep my promises. Here’s the inside of that greeting card:


  3. Awwww….cute card! And cute apple…and and and…..Hope today goes well as you head back to work.

  4. I love that birthday card. 🙂

  5. Guess what your apple captions had me doing this morning, Ann?

    • Guess who I was hoping would read this blog post, Mark? Guess who I thought about when somebody at Wegman’s told me where that supermarket chain originated? Guess who makes incredibly witty and wonderful comments on my blog?

      It’s you!

      • I knew it was Wegmans from the Red, White and Blue Bread sign, Ann. Yummy! Karen and I get half-loaves and savor it. And thank you, my friend, for everything, small apples to big compliments.

  6. Guess what? Wegmans is my favorite store … Can you guess it’s because it has a UK aisle. Guess what else I loved in this post? Yep – the grateful banana and the mini apples from Minneapolis 😀

  7. Deb

    This has cuteness all over it!

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  9. I’m guessing that what’s been “cave ripened” is cheese since I can’t imagine any fruit or vegetable being ripened in a cave–although that would be interesting. And I love guessing games.

  10. Guess what? I loved this!

  11. Guess who enjoyed this post. Guess who is sending you prayers and healing vibrations for your upcoming surgery. Take care, Ann.

  12. Guess who had the power all along ? I revealed my name yesterday for the first time. Glinda knew. 💖

  13. I suck at guessing, don’t ask me to guess just tell me already…………………lol
    I have seen mini apples here a lot in the shops, they are usually marketed as kids size apples and I like them they are just the right size for a small child

  14. Birthday is like a cat.. Urgh! It’s so hard to guess! Haha! Will pray for your surgery, Ann!

  15. I try not to guess when it comes to a person’s emotional history. I like to make suggestions based on facts and not suppositions. Jumping to conclusions can often get a person into trouble.

    • Guess what? I’m seeing your helpful and wise comment months after you wrote it, Robert. Guess what? I’m grateful for it.

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