Day 1336: Stress Relief

Because I’m a psychotherapist,  I know about  stress relief. And because I’m a person alive in the year 2016, I sometimes  need stress relief.

Where do you find stress relief?

In a can?


In the refrigerator?


In books?


In travel?


In other creatures?


In things you can buy?












In boo boo kisses?

Tomorrow, I’m going back to work in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  In two weeks, my only child is leaving for a five-year mathematics program in Edinburgh, Scotland.  In three weeks, I’ll be in Minnesota preparing for my first open heart surgery.

I don’t know about you, but I could probably use some stress relief.

Here’s the first thing I found on YouTube for “stress relief.”


Is it possible that leaving a comment for this post might provide stress relief for somebody?

I know that gratitude is great for stress relief, so thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for any stress relief you find or bring, here and now.


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63 thoughts on “Day 1336: Stress Relief

  1. OK, so you have a busy month. No question about that. One step, one day at a time. Your world-wide blogging family is here to take the steps with you. Joy shared is joy increased, stress shared is stress diminished.

    PS: Where did you find those crazy flavors?

    • At one of our favorite restaurants, the popular Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, which has a store with interesting items good for relieving any stress about waiting for a table.
      P.S. Your comment was great for stress relief, Ray.

  2. Just when you think your a strong, badass woman, that has already walked the walked….life throws you a whammy to keep you on your game. This stress is a job for that inflatable toast served on a Last Supper placemat!
    I will hold you in a positive light for peace during this time.

  3. Those weird and entertaining photos certainly shifted my mood Ann! May you find moments of peace every day. Breathe easy my friend. 💛

  4. Mia

    When I allow myself to be bothered (stressed) by things that I face. I raise up my hands and let go. I then invite change, for I just made room for what is unknown to me.

  5. Ahhh, an easy question today!
    Knitting. Knitting in circles. Knitting socks on toothpick thin needles. Knitting shawls for people who need them -or not. Knitting Knitting knitting. “Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises” Elizabeth Zimmerman

  6. Wow, Ann, so much going on. Here’s where being in the moment makes a big difference, breathing, aware and grateful. I find comfort in the Five Remembrances as interpreted by Thich Nhat Hanh that this life is brief and the ending is certain. But we don’t have the details. You’re doing the right things to improve your quality of life and longevity. I’m so glad Aaron is soon to be ensconced in Edinburgh and that tomorrow you’ll be back to work in your element once again. The surgery is taking place at the best facility with the best doctors and you’ll get the best treatment. And staying in the now will keep your mind from rushing to anticipate your upcoming procedure sooner than is necessary. Easier said than done, I know! Seriously, I suggest allowing a designated worry time, 20 minutes or less at a given time of the day to focus on the worries, and jot down concerns in a little notebook (I mean very small spiral or pad) to review at that designated time. Forgive the advice, but I felt an urge to try to help relieve your stress. I know Michael and the cats will take wonderful care of you as will so many others who love you!

    • I’ve been prescribing designated worry time to my patients for years, Sunny! Do I do the same for myself, for stress relief? Only when I’m reminded to do so by a caring person like you. ❤

  7. wow what a selection of food and flavors and!! My stress relief is sitting on the beach staring out at the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves. I highly recommend it 🙂

  8. Be with your animal friends sound good and of course mediation should help..

  9. May relief come your way, Ann. But it won’t come from that empty frig…or Nihilist toothpaste ! 💖

  10. Wow lots going on and lots of changes Ann. Hugs for you. ❤
    Diana xo

  11. Great post. I used to be stressed all the time. Then I retired. Now? Not so much stress. I get it out of my system by travel and my dog. And naps. Naps are good.

  12. I find relief in expressing, creating, and reveling in other’s creativity.

    You do indeed need some stress relief! ❤

  13. Goodness – you have some challenges to face, not sure which is worse, waving goodbye to your son leaving to live on another shore or having surgery. Both challenges involve the heart and both, I am sure, will lead you onwards in life to new beginnings. Wishing you all the very best as you face your challenges and I look forward to your post-op musings on here. Thanks for all the bizarre pictures here – the creators of some of those products clearly have unique minds!

  14. Whoops – forgot – my stress relief? Creating art wherever and however I can with camera or brushes. When I do that, I forget the rest of the world completely.

  15. The stress! Oh, the stress! The stress of finding a suitable comment! I know, I’ll relieve it with something witty…………….have you got a moment while I think?…………..

  16. A huge Yes to music that melts my heart the way this yoga music is doing right now. Music and the sounds of nature. Nothing like it. I’m holding you and your heart in my prayers.
    Elouise ❤️

  17. My garden is my stress relief go to. I definitely haven’t found it in a can!

  18. My stress relief is in Prayer, Ann. And on Sept. 21st, I’ll have you with me.

  19. Things that make me laugh are great for stress relief–including nihilist toothpaste and foie gras chewing gum, which I really want to try. And ordinary things can also make me laugh. Even when it’s not inflatable I can laugh at toast.

  20. Listening to this Donald Fagen song helps take away my stress, dear friend Ann Koplow.
    By the way, all of us with you mightily in spirit three weeks from now, sending good vibrations from New York to Minnesota … That will take away just a bit of my stress that day.

  21. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to drink something and be zen? I laughed so hard at that–laughter being a stress relief, so thanks for that. I also sing, play violin, and garden, all of which refocus the mind. We are with you Ann, and I can’t imagine whether that’s a really helpful thing or not, as you will want to have people to grab. I did have a friend tell me once that after brain surgery she had a sense of being lifted and cradled by everyone’s prayers. I hope you will have the full sense of support in person and from your fellow bloggers as the days slip by.

    • Oh, your being with me is VERY HELPFUL; I definitely want to relieve your mind about that. I have a sense of being lifted and cradled by your caring words even now. ❤

  22. I wish there was a simple way to relieve stress although generally I don’t feel like I have a lot of stress, others seem to think I do but me not so much

  23. Truly inspiring photos of all the crazy things to buy… To help us live our life in the best way. Thankyou Ann… What a month is upon you and I just know you’ll navigate through it, consciously breathing, beautifully… hugging your child as they leave the nest, but a great opportunity to experience European life which is quite different to American… Just put an umbrella in the suitcase! Regarding your heart surgery embrace the opportunity too, sometimes we need a little physical help, but together you and me and all your friends here and around you can imagine LOVE wrapping you up so gently but firmly to allow love to seep deep within you and ensure the speed of lightening recovery… And so it is written. My stress relief is to have enough quiet time and rest for you and always imagine the best outcome… cause that is our power. Love to you Ann x barbara

  24. I do some breathing exercises and meditation for stress relief. I wish you a successful surgery. Best wishes.

  25. Hi Anne,
    Always remember you are the vehicle of your own stress.
    You may already have had a look at my blog above .Read again and pass the time while waiting. Having been in a similar situation I mentally measured how much comfort I enjoyed (shift the focus) and ‘lang may your lum reek’ brave heart!

  26. Ada

    If anyone can sail through all these stresses, it’s you. You are our role model of conquering stress and rough waters. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery, and congrats to Aaron for embarking on his exciting next journey.

  27. I am certainly feeling anxious about your surgery, Ann. You will be in my thoughts – I am praying for a speedy and smooth recovery.
    Those pictures of you with your son display how much you both adore each other. It’s so beautiful to see. 🙂

    • I guess I was so stressed out back then I didn’t see this wonderful comment! I can’t stress how much I appreciate you, Judy.

  28. Wonderful, crazy stress-relief items. I think I need some nihilist toothpaste! I wish you so much luck in the coming weeks. I happen to be watching and listening to my kind of stress relief, but it may not work for you.

  29. Hey Ann, wow you are really strong you know. I am only a college student and for me what you are going to go through is a big deal and at the same time I feel you will do great. I have recently started my own blog and my main aim is to work on the stress students are going through but from what I know the recovery of a patient depends mostly on her thinking. And let me tell you, Ann, I find your thinking really positive. We all are with you through this surgery. Take a deep breath and think about all the good things that have happened in your life and those which are going to happen in your life. That’s what counts you know how you deal with it not how big the problem is. All the best!!!

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