Day 1335: Haste ye back

As my son Aaron and I were leaving Scotland yesterday, I saw this sign:


Aaron will be hasting himself back to Scotland in two weeks to attend the University of Edinburgh for a five-year bachelors/masters program in mathematics, assuming his student visa is hasted back to him soon enough.

We hasted ourselves back to Boston, Massachusetts, USA last night, after a hasty stop-over at the Dublin airport.

Haste ye back to looking at my other hastily snapped photos from yesterday:





























I shall now haste me back to YouTube, to find some music for this post.


Next month, I’ll be hasting me back to a hospital for some open heart surgery on September 21.  I’ll be hasting me back to this daily blog after that, as soon as I can.

Haste ye back to this conversation I had recently with an EMDR therapist named George:

Me:  After my valve-replacement surgery, I’ll  have to keep avoiding sodium AND I’ll need to closely monitor the greens I eat. I wonder what my diet will be?

George:  Donuts.

Haste ye back to the comments sections of this post and I’ll haste me back to respond in kind.

Hasty thanks to all who helped me create today’s haste-ye-back post and to you — of course!  — no matter how quickly and where you are going today.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1335: Haste ye back

  1. Good luck with the surgery – the donut diet deserves to be the basis of a successful book. 😉

  2. What doughnut preference do you have?

  3. Ann, haste ye back, I’ll be following you too.

  4. Great images! Hope the student visa works out as planned! What happens if it doesn’t? Can he start the next semester?

    • He might have to start a little bit later this semester. We met with an international student advisor when we were in Edinburgh, and I think there are probably several ways to solve this. Thanks for your comment, Dawn, and haste ye back here! ❤

  5. Happy Saturday Anne and the best of luck to your son in his travels. 🙂

  6. Those hateful Internet folks might need to sweeten up with a Krispy Kreme. ☺

  7. Anyone who thinks we’re “losing the Internet to the culture of hate” has reached a hasty conclusion. As long as there are places like your blog that foster kindness and friendship it’s not lost.
    Also I hope the University of Edinburgh has a group that welcomes all students but if it doesn’t maybe Aaron can help found a Haste Ye Pudding Club.

  8. I do like those donkeys looking over the stone wall. And when did Nessie get hair or a helmet??? I hope the visa issue is straightened out tout de suite and that you like donuts, as you seem to have been given special permission to eat them!!! Yum.

  9. September will be a momentous month. Haste ye all three through it

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