Day 1333: Exposed

How do you feel when you’re exposed?

When I’m exposed, sometimes I feel proud.  Sometimes I feel shame.

I want to expose these things, here and now:

  • the internet connection in the hotel  room where my son Aaron and I are staying for our final day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is TERRIBLE,
  • I am still anxious about the pin-point timing needed for Aaron to get his student visa in time to begin Edinburgh University on time, next month,
  • this morning we are seeing Marc Mackinnon — a ginger/redhead,  like my son, whom we met at last year’s Fringe — in a play called Mermalade,
  • I won’t have time to include as much in today’s post as I would like,
  • last night we saw an incredible show called Exposé, where Colin Cloud exposed unbelievable and sometimes embarrassing things about many audience members,
  • earlier in the day we saw a fabulous improvised musical — thanks to Greg and the other members of  Impromptunes — with the title “Zeus Takes a Holiday,” which was suggested by an audience member,
  • on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, we ran into James Wilson-Taylor, whose Fringe show Ginger is the New Black we had seen earlier in the week, and
  • we  also saw a hilarious sketch comedy show Beasts Present Mr. Edinburgh, where one of the comedians/contestants  exposed his bum. 

Have I exposed too much?

I shall now expose some photos I took yesterday, to further expose the wonderfulness of Edinburgh and the Festival Fringe.





If you want to expose those photos further (including the one we think looks like a George Seurat painting), click on any of them to enlarge.

Feel free to expose yourself in a comment below.

I shall now expose my thanks to all who helped me create this exposed post and to you — of course! — for whatever you choose to expose, today.


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20 thoughts on “Day 1333: Exposed

  1. love that purple cow- and your 2 bearded red heads!

  2. Vicki

    Really enjoyed the photos from Edinburgh – next year my boat will be in the basin (canal photo)
    Haste ye back X

  3. We are exposed every time we post

  4. Love that you can still blog during such a busy time, Ann. The pics alone are wonderful. 💘

  5. I am exposing myself more and more, Ann, through my posts. Not only do I want my followers to view my work, but to know the artist behind the art. And you know what? It’s freeing, yes scary, but if someone gets uncomfortable from what I reveal, move on. Simple as that. Loved your post, dear Ann. I’ve also been keeping you in my prayers. (((HUGS))) ❤

  6. Ginger is the New Black is a terrific title

  7. I’m exposing the fact that somehow I lost track of you but now I’ve found you again.

  8. At the risk of exposing my inability to come up with my own thought and also troubling your already limited internet access I want to share a recent webcomic that addresses the question of exposure on a universal level–or, to quote T. Rex, “Perhaps the universe is full of aliens, all assuming everyone ELSE is cooler than they are, all paralyzed by the fear they’ll say the wrong thing and finally reveal themselves to be total losers!”

    It’s an intriguing explanation for why we haven’t made contact with alien life yet in spite of having exposed ourselves by broadcasting messages and sending probes into the universe.

  9. What a perfect day!! Perfect for exposure in all its grandeur 😎

  10. I’m exposing the fact that I love the idea of a sock museum.

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