Day 1331: Tasks

I love my daily tasks of (1) taking photos for this blog and  (2) creating a new post here on WordPress.

Yesterday morning, I captured this image in Edinburgh, Scotland  …


… and took this picture shortly before I went to sleep at night:


Between those two tasks, I

  1. had breakfast with my son Aaron and Vicki, a wonderful Scottish woman who has the daily task of living with the same kind of unusual heart  I have (and who appeared in my blog a year ago),
  2. was relieved, thanks to Vicki, of any tasking worries about (a) my son starting University in Edinburgh next month and (b) my having open heart surgery soon after that,
  3. swapped horror stories with Vicki about doctors and other medical people we’ve both encountered  who have  failed miserably in their basic tasks of providing expertise and empathy,
  4. met with somebody  at the University of Edinburgh about all the tasks we need to accomplish when we return home to the USA in order for  Aaron to get his student visa in time to start his freshman student tasks on September 11, and
  5. enjoyed the continuation of our current task of attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

You now have the task of looking at my other photos from yesterday.








































Was there anything you especially enjoyed about that task? Anything you found particularly tasking (or taxing)?   If you have questions or comments about any of those photos, I will fulfill my daily task of answering them before I blog again tomorrow morning.

Before you get on with your own daily tasks, I shall now give you an additional task: My son Aaron and I were discussing the insignia of University of Edinburgh, seen here in close-up:


Your task is to identify the top part of that insignia, above the book.  Is it:

  1. A disco ball?
  2. A golf ball?
  3. A flower?
  4. All of the above?
  5. None of the above?

Thanks to all who helped me fulfill the task of creating this post and to you — of course! — for completing your task of reading it.


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42 thoughts on “Day 1331: Tasks

  1. Sadly I missed the Edinburgh Fringe this summer, not travelling up to my old home town until September. Good luck to your son. How exciting, he will have a whale of a time. 🙂

  2. Your ‘This is a theatre’ pic took me back to a task I once carried out in a multi-screen cinema. The soundproofing was so bad that the noise from the film next door drowned ours. I went and found someone to lessen the row.

  3. This above the book is a flower. It is a thistle which is the flower for Scotland as England has the rose, Wales has the daffodil and Ireland has the shamrock. I have learnt this recently for my test, so it is fresh of my new knowledge file in my head. Have a great time in Edinburgh. Enjoy😊

  4. Thank you for the lovely mention and fabulous brunch 🙂
    “you look so well”! 😛
    Not sure how to put the down the middle and spread into English – but I know you will be absolutely fine. You’re not doing this alone, you don’t have too.
    Love and peas xxx

  5. The task at hand, reading this blog, seemed effortless on my part. ❤

  6. Will the university give Aaron housing before he gets his visa? Will he return to the US with you? Why does the fat orange cat have no chance?

    • Aaron will return to the US with me and we hope he has a better chance than an orange cat to get his visa in time. ❤

  7. I’ll go with disco ball! What a wonderful collection of photos Ann-and glad you met a kindred heart

  8. Looks like a thistle to me.
    I am frequently off task but with no taskmaster to right my course, does it matter?

  9. It is a thistle. All the items on the arms are Scottish symbols – the open book denoting learning which traditionally was valued in Scotland. Edinburgh is one of our oldest universities with an international reputation. As you move around the centre of the city you pass numerous buildings that are part of the university.

  10. And I thought I’d be first to point out that it’s a thistle. I need to start blog reading earlier!

  11. It was a very fulfilling task to read your daily task of posting in WP. I guess it’s a disco ball because, party! Haha! 🙂

  12. Having been to Scotland I had no trouble identifying the thistle in the University of Edinburgh’s insignia, which also appears on some pound coins. And that made me wonder, once again, why the leek in a coronet appears on some British pound coins.
    A quick search revealed that the leek is a Welsh symbol. Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, told his soldiers to wear leeks on their helmets in a battle against the Saxons.
    One task always leads to another.

  13. No task at all to be able to talk with someone who ha the same kind of heart as you.

  14. I spotted the thistle right away, but as others have identified it before I commented, my task is over. Once the thistle goes to seed, it will attract gorgeous little birds, like goldfinches…

  15. Life is full of tasks some a pleasant some not so much some are just rotten horrible tasks that one just needs to suck it up and deal with

  16. What an exciting time for Aaron. I remember going away to university like it was yesterday. I just finished reading Dorothy’s blog from jingsandthings and there’s a lot going on in Edinburgh right now. Are you going to take in some of the other events while you’re there?

    • Probably not. We have too many Fringe tasks to complete during our last full day here. Always great to hear from you, Carol.

  17. Today was a comment-on-the-comments kinda day. I flunked the thistle test, but I’m always up for the challenge!

  18. It looks a little bit like a crystal ball, but somehow that doesn’t seem quite appropriate for an institution of higher learning. 🙂 I’m probably going to go with “none of the above.” Your photos are great, once again, but I think my favorite is the University brochure. How often do you see references to 1583!

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