Day 1330: Defying convention

Greetings from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which  has been defying convention for sixty-nine years.


I often follow certain conventions in my blog posts, including choosing a title that relates to a photo I’ve taken the day before.  Obviously, I am NOT defying that convention today. However, I’d like to think I’ve been defying convention for almost as long as the Edinburgh Fringe (five and a half years shorter, if I do the maths).

Here are some conventions I defy:

  • Fearing people who are “different” from me.
  • Assumptions about how long people born with abnormal hearts (like me) are supposed to live.
  • Slowing down as  I get older.
  • Judging myself or others.

What conventions do you defy?

Do you see any conventions defied in my other photos from yesterday?




































I am unfamiliar with the conventions of shows like The Lady Boys of Bangkok, so I don’t know if they were defying any conventions last night by having people dressed like cats on stage or by using this song as the finale:


If you don’t usually leave a comment, please defy that convention today.  If sharing your thoughts here is conventional for you, I suggest you do not defy that convention today.

Many thanks to all who helped me create this defying convention post and to you — of course! — for reading it.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1330: Defying convention

  1. To answer your question what convention I defy?RNC

  2. I see a few conventions here. However beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I behold cats and food. I love the BADABING it is so NEW YORK. Loved your offerings today.

  3. Oh my, I forgot, loved Celtic Women, I have a few CD’s of theirs. :o)

  4. Both you and Aaron fit so wonderfully into the middle of the Fringe, Ann, where conventions are in the mind of the beholder.

    Me? I keep going as best I can.

  5. Oh wow, the cat cafe seems like a nice experience 🙂

  6. It’s conventional for me to leave a comment so I was tempted to not leave one but then I remembered that I like to defy expectations. Of course I don’t know whether you expect me to leave a comment or not. And when one tries to always do the unexpected that leads to the question of whether doing the unexpected is in fact expected, so perhaps doing what’s expected is really the way to do something unexpected, but is that then expected? This can quickly become a Mobius strip of confusion.
    Sometimes I share a song or video and sometimes I don’t. Did you know I would this time?

  7. I have tried my hand at convention, and find it to be quite dry. I’m much more fond of the bubbliness of un-convential living! Who is to define ‘normal’ for me? This is my normal! Thank you for the great pics! I loved seeing the cat cafe, as well as the handsome people in your photos! Keep on sharing your definitions with us!

  8. I am so happy for you, that you were able to visit Edinburgh with Aaron even though you had pneumonia only recently. What an adventure you are having. And, can there be any better place to study for a young person from North America? The buildings look steeped in history and magic.

    • I am unconventionally happy that my only son will be studying so far away from me. And I am happy that it’s a convention for you to comment here, Maureen.

  9. amusez798387

    Your and Aaron’s smiles defy convention with their joy and beauty.

  10. Love the photos of you and Aaron, Ann! They are pretty conventional compared with that rocking unconventional owl 💞

  11. I have never been to a convention just saying because I have nothing else to say

  12. Blokes are supposed to be into cars and gadgets. I’m not

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