Day 1323: Wishes

Good wishes from Ireland, where my son and I are wishing to soon board a plane to complete our wishful trip to Edinburgh.

I wish to show you why this post is called “Wishes.”


I wished to buy that wish wand last week in order to make lots of wishes, including good health to me and to all who wish it.

Do you wish to see all the other photos I’ve taken since yesterday’s blog post?

Your wish is granted:




















If you have a wish, just ask.

I wish to share this song about wishing:

What would you wish for?

I now wish to thank all those helped me create today’s post and you — of course! — for all the wishes you bring.


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42 thoughts on “Day 1323: Wishes

  1. Such an important, wonderful journey, accompanying your son to the city where he will take his first degree. I wish both of you all the best experiences and memories. Edinburgh, such a magical place.

  2. That white stick thing with the rabbit head reminds me a bit of that pen (or whatever it was) with the little face that you used to place in any photos. Happy, silly, random, unexpected.

    • That white stick thing with the rabbit head is a pen that I bought to replace Penny the Pen, when I lost that a while ago. No matter how much I’ve wished, Penny the Pen has not come back.

  3. best wishes to both of you on the next leg of your journeys in life. i am a big believer in wishes for others and need to make one for myself right now too. thank you for the reminder )

  4. I wish for you and Aaron safe travels. WOnderful adventures. And I wish I was in Ireland too! 😉

  5. Nice. Best of health to you Ann

  6. I wish all your wishes come true. :o)

  7. I’m wishing all the same wishes and a happy healthy summer and a return to Edinburgh for you.

  8. Wishing you both safe travels, and much, much success in those new adventures in schooling ! The Curious George lunch box pic…a favorite. 💕

  9. Aw, wishing that trip to Edinburgh for you x

  10. There’s a saying that if wishes were horses fools would ride but whoever coined that missed the fact that someone long ago wished for an animal to ride upon and the horse answered their wish.
    Wishing, not necessity, is the true mother of invention.
    I’m wishing you both a safe trip and a wonderful time in Edinburgh, and along the journey too.

  11. Did my wish come true that you found the old BUNNY!!! pen?…. or is a new BUNNY!!! pen? It does make me smile!
    Wishing you all the best for this trip … and for beyond 💕

    • Your wish has come true, Val: I still have all the bunny pens I bought after I lost Penny the Pen. You and your wishes make me smile! ❤

  12. Safe travels! I really like the little boxes, and Jiminy Cricket of course.

  13. I wish you a wonderful trip; and, should you stumble upon a Leprechaun, a pot of gold!

  14. Boy that cricket has good pipes, doesn’t he? Wishing you an outstanding trip

  15. Wishing you safe and healthy travels my friend! You had the power all along ❤ so love that

  16. Very sweet:) I wish I had a wand like that, too;)

  17. Best wishes, despite Grumpy

  18. Jimminy Crickets!!! You just made my day. I loved this song as a child and I love it now! I wish to find it on the internet and I wish to watch Pinnochio tonight. I wish you a wonderful trip, too.

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