Day 1322: It’s not me

It’s not me who came up with this idea for a t-shirt:


It was my co-worker and friend, Megan (pronounced Mee-gan) AND me.

It’s not Megan who is writing this blog post, it’s me.

It’s not me who

  1. is supporting Donald Trump,
  2. gets more than six hours of sleep every night,
  3. has a normal heart,
  4. chose to be sitting as far away as possible from my son on the first leg of our flight to Edinburgh Scotland later today,
  5. designed a website for flight check-in that was so confusing I erroneously indicated I had “0 bags,”
  6. wanted a five-hour lay-over in Ireland,
  7. has an uncomplicated life,
  8. never gets anxious,
  9. is deliberately cruel to other living creatures, and
  10. believes I can make it in this world alone.

It is me who

  1. is working on radically accepting all those things I cannot change,
  2. tries to live a healthy life,
  3. loves my work as a group therapist,
  4. appreciates my family and friends,
  5. uses daily blogging as a kind of helpful meditation,
  6. is excited about traveling to Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe with my son,
  7. shows up every day, here and elsewhere,
  8. is gentle with myself and others (whenever possible),
  9. tells the truth,  and
  10. took these photos yesterday:




Three little words could be:

  1. It’s not me.
  2. It is me.
  3. I love you.
  4. Three Little Words”.


It is me who expresses gratitude at the end of every blog post:


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39 thoughts on “Day 1322: It’s not me

  1. Good post. The three little words that rule my life at the moment are

  2. I’m glad that you appreciate the “it is me who”. And thank you for the wonderful music! And the bunny pic!

  3. My three little words this morning, Ann? I love Sundays. ❤
    Diana xo

  4. And my three little words are: I Thank You. ❤

  5. Knock knock…It’s me.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh
    It’s me, leaving a comment to tell you to enjoy your trip. And just so
    there is no confusion, it’s me who thinks your blog title the best out there(although it’s I,I who have difficulty not judging. Oops)

  6. Love you back!

  7. 5 hours for laying over is not good unless you plan to.

  8. It is no me here today, it is someone else, really would I lie to you, well about me being here I would but hell you know this is me who else would be here other then me

  9. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay its not me!!! i say that a lot too like wen a stuffie gits shredded or wun of mamas slippers disapeerz!!! sumtimes it wurks and sumetimes it duz not!!! ha ha ok bye

  10. It’s me reading your blog and hoping you have a great time in Edinburgh.

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  12. You have a witty friend

  13. You go girl! Enjoy your trip! Love your post!

  14. 5 hour layover??? Oh the perils of travel. Do hope the rest of the trip is smooth sailing!

  15. Three words. You inspire us.

  16. I agree Ann!

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