Day 1321: I strongly recommend

In my life, I have encountered many strong recommendations.

These strong recommendations have included the following:

I strongly recommend you get a third litter box for your two cats.

I strongly recommend you bring Oscar to a cat eye specialist because when I look in his eyes, I can’t see the back of his eyes.

I strongly recommend you make an appointment with our cat ophthamologist before you go away on vacation, because she books up way in advance.

I strongly recommend you do not send in financial statements when applying for a student visa.

I strongly recommend you make an appointment for the one-day super priority visa service as soon as possible.

I strongly recommend you use a professional visa service company to help Aaron get his visa.

I strongly recommend  you don’t worry about Aaron getting a student visa in time to start his studies at University of Edinburgh in September.

I strongly recommend you bring your Lasix pills with you to Scotland, in case you eat food that has too much salt.

I strongly recommend that you wear a mask on the plane, since you recently had pneumonia.

I strongly recommend that you choose a more comfortable mask.

I strongly recommend you forget about work when you’re away on vacation.

I strongly recommend that you have heart valve replacement surgery as soon as possible, despite all the conflicting recommendations you’ve gotten from other doctors.

I strongly recommend that you notice that some of those recent strong recommendations contradict other strong recommendations.

I strongly recommend that when people make strong recommendations conflicting with other recommendations or with your own intuition and experience, that you get other recommendations until you feel comfortable.

I strongly recommend that you look at my photos from yesterday:



















I strongly recommend that if you want explanations for any of those photos, that you ask.

I strongly recommend that people listen to the musical Hamilton, because it is awesome.


I  also strongly recommend that everybody balance your needs with other people’s needs, putting your needs somewhat higher.

I strongly recommend that you leave a comment, but only if you feel comfortable.

I strongly recommend gratitude as a great way to end anything, including this post.  So thanks to all who helped me create it and to you — of course! — for reading  it.

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47 thoughts on “Day 1321: I strongly recommend

  1. and thank you for this post. i recommend it to everyone

  2. I strongly recomend that you get a new top for the salt shaker.

    • I strongly recommend that you pass that along to Sugo, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Arlington, Massachusetts. I also strongly recommend that you keep making hilarious comments on my blog.

  3. Today I’ve had coffee prior to reading your thought provoking question -so
    my strong recommendation is to do whatever the hell YOU want!
    But since everyone else feels free to make suggestions I strongly recommend you visit my blog today –AND write a comment. Ha.

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    I strongly recommend you keep your wonderful blog going!

  5. I strongly recommend that you roll your eyes at the next conflicting recommendation. 😉

  6. Thank you. I strongly recommend you have a wonderful time with Aaron.

  7. I strongly recommend that you follow your own recommendations to be able to get a good travel and a wonderful vacation Ann 🙂

  8. i find your strength
    comes from
    your gentleness 🙂

  9. I strongly recommend you don’t worry about strong recommendations … Except the student visa. You don’t want Aaron to be stuck at passport control without the right documents!

  10. Wow! I take a few days off and miss a lot! I strongly recommend to myself that I read your amazing blog every day!

  11. I strongly recommend strongly recommending at strong recommendation time. All good wishes. Simon

  12. I love the “Play Nice”, that sign is fit for all work places.

  13. If I had any recommendations I’d make them weak because I think you may be overwhelmed with strong recommendations.
    Instead I’ll share this: when my friends and I would get a pizza the last slice was always called “the pig slice”.
    This was an unspoken recommendation to never take the last slice or risk being ridiculed. But sometimes it’s OK to be a pig.

  14. We already have our tickets to see Hamilton when it comes to Los Angeles…more than a year from now! I can be patient, and listening to the soundtrack just makes it all the more exciting while we wait! I like your recommendation that when advice, medical or otherwise, comes at us in a contradictory manner just keep asking questions until comfortable. Asking for a great deal of clarification doesn’t always make you popular, but I’m okay with that. I would be the one in the room sporting those super-nerd socks! I don’t worry about popularity. LOL!

  15. I can see why Hamilton is such a hit! I strongly recommend you do whatever you think best in all situations. BTW, I love the Weird Stuff sign. I’d be going there!

  16. I strongly recommend that Grumpy follows you everywhere you go including Scotland and that Oscar’s eye exam results will be resolved once he finished his novel:

  17. I strongly recommend that more people read your blog as it is a bloody great blog

  18. thank you for liking my blog, I too appreciate gratitude and love comments,

  19. I quietly suggest you have a good time with Aaron and make a good recovery from your surgery

  20. Hi Anne,
    As an ageing Govanite the Edinburgh trip was a Joy!
    Your photography was so pleasing to the eye, and the vocabulary so meaningful.l
    Keep up the meditation – try out my semantic version!

  21. Great post! Thanks for the recent follow!

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