Day 1319: Subtle signs

I’ve written several posts, over the last few years, about signs (including here, here, here, here,  and here).

I am now subtly wondering about the subtlety of:

  • those past posts,
  • signs I see everywhere,  and
  • the beginning of this post.

Not to be subtle, I’m thinking about subtle signs this morning because of this non-subtle sign I  saw yesterday:


That sign is a sign that we took one of our cats to the vet yesterday, because we’ve noticed two of those ten subtle signs of illness. Rather than be too subtle, I’ll tell you that Oscar has been exhibiting signs #1 and #8, above. #1 has NOT been subtle and #8 has been subtle. (There is a subtle pun in that previous sentence.)

Do you see any subtle signs in the other photos I subtly took yesterday?



















One of those subtle signs above is now a non-subtle cue for me to include this song:


If you leave a comment for this subtle post, that might be a subtle sign of something.

Am I being too subtle?

I hope this final subtle sign I saw yesterday  is a sign of my sincere thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you (of course!) for reading it.


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26 thoughts on “Day 1319: Subtle signs

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  2. I love when you are being subtle Ann. It speaks to my curiosity and intuition!
    The wet paper caught my eye. A not too subtle poodle larking about with a beach ball 😃
    On the other hand, having a Trump bumper sticker is not so subtle! They are either stupid or brave…

  3. Your kitty is lucky to have a caring cat-mom like you Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I have trouble with subtlety. I find it hard to look past the extraneous details because every detail seems important. Miyamoto Musashi said, “The principle of strategy is having one thing, to know ten thousand things.” From any of your pictures I could easily extrapolate ten thousand things, but it’s hard to know which is important.
    One thing that does stand out: I hope Oscar feels better soon.

  5. I love the cat with the not so subtle message regarding its attitude. It’s perfectly cat like

  6. I am definitely picking up what you are laying down!!


    Kind Regards and feeling grateful I stumbled by – K

  7. Ann, I had a cat for 25 years and he was prone to both UTI’s and kidney stones. Feeding him this diet:

    saved his life. Well, I think I told you about the behavior too. If the castration was done too late he learned the wrong way, so he will not use his litter box correctly.

    • Well, all I’ve done is call Grumpy a couple of times Oscar! And those have not been subtle signs!

      • Oh, okay, I will use more subtle signs:










    • Oscar used to eat S/D until he developed some thyroid problems. Now he unsubtly loves his Y/D. I love all the subtle cats here!

      • All I know is that they were good for my cat. BTW, those words were “procedure words” Harley was saying!

  8. Love the first picture. I started with stop and then scrolled… Also had no idea there were stuffed emojis. I hope Oscar is all right.

  9. I hope Oscar is okay. He has been off colour for awhile. I hope that you get good news from the vet.

  10. Val’s elegant poodle is brilliant. I know that’s not a subtle comment, but never mind

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