Day 1316: Clarity

When life is confusing, I am often looking for clarity. And to be clear, I often find life confusing.

Is there clarity in the photos I took yesterday?





















When I’m asking if my photos have clarity, I’m not wondering about how focused they are.  Instead, I’m wondering if my photos communicate clearly what I was trying to capture around me.

For more clarity here and now, I shall clearly tell you that

  1. I am looking forward to reading about Alexander Hamilton, especially when I am recovering from heart surgery in September.
  2. My cat Oscar likes to bite my feet in the morning.
  3. I saw my son Aaron (who has red hair and a beard) perform in his last ever Arlington Children’s Theater production yesterday, which was the musical Anything Goes.
  4. Arlington Children’s Theater, at the end of their summer production, does a special honoring of all the seniors who are leaving.
  5. Aaron is a senior, leaving for the University of Edinburgh in September.
  6. When my boyfriend Michael saw one of the photos I took yesterday, he made a sarcastic comment about Aaron cleaning his room.
  7. I took one photo yesterday with the intent of sharing a particular song from Anything Goes.

For more clarity, here’s that one photo …


… and here‘s the song:

Be like the bluebird, please, and leave something behind here.

For even more clarity, thanks to all who clearly helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for whatever clarity you can bring.

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20 thoughts on “Day 1316: Clarity

  1. What’s clear to me is A-ron is one talented young man!

    what’s also clear is your joy in being his mother! ❤

  2. Clearly a nautical feeling about this post! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Clearly everything was shipshape and smooth sailing in this production with Aaron and his fellow performers making waves.

  4. What is clear is that it was a fun production and you were an enthusiastic onlooker Ann 💛

  5. best of wishes with your upcoming heart surgery!

    … from someone well enough to wish, haha ^_^

  6. Great photos just so you know

  7. Even though the red hair wasn’t that clear, it was clearly Aaron on stage 🙂

  8. You have a beautiful son Ann!!

  9. So much naches, Ann.

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