Day 1314: We decide

We decide so many different things, every day.  How do we decide?

Today, I decide what to include in this post.


You decide how you react to it.

I decide to show you these other photos from yesterday.












Yesterday, I decided to show my readers this amulet my friend Jeanette decided to send to me:



Later that day, I decided to sing two songs — “Sleepy Man” and “Mad World” — at the first-Friday-of-the-month Open Mic at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.

Because the 11-minute video I recorded of my performance last night (1) has no visuals, (2) includes silence before and between the numbers, (3) demonstrates my lack of proficiency with the guitar during the first song, (4) includes extraneous noises from the Kickstand kitchen staff, and (5) is much less than perfect, you decide whether I should include it in this post. (I also decide to share, here and now, that some audience members decided to tell me “You were wonderful”  “You have a strong and beautiful voice.” and “I love your voice. It made me smile.”) In case you have trouble deciding what to do, I decide to tell you I have no investment in the outcome.

I decide who to thank in these posts. I hereby decide to thank all those who helped me create this and you — of course! — for deciding to read it.

We’ve decided!

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24 thoughts on “Day 1314: We decide

  1. I decide that the pictures tell such a good story Ann. Well done in facing the tiger once more my friend πŸ’›

  2. YES!!!!! I decide you should include the video!!!!

  3. I think you have made the correct decision, for the reasons given. That is brave, because things don’t always work out as we hope.

  4. It occurs to me that even when we choose not to decide, we have made a decision Ann! ❀
    Diana xo

    • And sometimes we have the room to decide something new, Diana. I am always so glad when you decide to comment. ❀ xxoo

  5. I saw that book title “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” and decided to do some tidying up to create some of that magic.

  6. Decisions, decisions, every day we have to make decisions like what to wear, what to eat and what to watch on telly one decisions most of us will never have to make is what coffin to be buried it that decision is left to others most of the time

  7. I decide to say your voice is lovely and I enjoy hearing you sing–things I could leave unsaid but would still think regardless.
    I know you don’t drink beer, even with 600 choices, but I hope you will choose to celebrate your courage in performing with something you do enjoy.

  8. great singing Ann- and I love that amulet

    • I decide that you are easy to love, Lisa.

      Aaron is in a production of “Anything Goes” this weekend, so I’m deciding to include this song because I’m deciding you would enjoy it!

  9. let me clarify- you were right that I liked the song, not that I am easy to love!!!! but thanks for saying so ❀

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