Day 1310: Breaking News

Breaking news!  Ann often breaks into a new post by breaking in a new photo!


We break into this news-breaking post for this other breaking news:

My son Aaron received his unconditional acceptance from University of Edinburgh yesterday!

My friend and co-worker Megan said, “We should all get unconditional acceptance, that sounds great!!”

I took these other news-breaking photos without breaking my iPhone!















Here‘s breaking news about a break in the news!


Breaking news! I want to know about news that’s newly breaking for you!

Breaking news!  I’d like to thank all those who helped me create this news-breaking post and you — of course! — for any new or news breaking you’re doing, here and now.



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41 thoughts on “Day 1310: Breaking News

  1. My reader was flooded by rubbish from I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone else. The good news is that I think I have managed to break it

  2. wow that is great breaking news!! I loved all those license plates you spotted Ann and that is a wonderful looking meal you had!

  3. Congrats to your son!

  4. she had some good moves

  5. Unconditional acceptance ? What we all crave. Congrats to him, and to you, Ann. 💕

  6. Well done, Aaron!!!🍾

  7. okiewinegirl2015

    Breaking news: Love the cat on the fridge! Thanks for the smile to start my day.

  8. The best thing about this breaking news is the fix is in. I hope Aaron has a fantastic time at the University of Edinburgh and I hope to see some future Fringe performances from him, if that’s what he wants to do. I’ve been listening to the “Comedians Telling Stuff” podcast and one comedian has said it was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that inspired him to become a comedian. That was from 2013 so it’s not exactly breaking news, but if no news is good news then good news is better news no matter the date.

  9. Great news! Am delighted for you. Love the pics!

  10. Pleased to hear your son has been accepted for Edinburgh University. The waiting has been worthwhile obviously. Hope he enjoys his sojourn in the city and manages to see some other parts of Scotland whilst there.

  11. Terrific news! I think I’ve told you that my husband did his Junior year abroad in Edinburgh and has a life-long love of the place and the people. Two of his best friends are from that year and he/we go back as often as possible.

    I bet that will be Aaron’s story too!

  12. Breaking News: My daughter raised enough money to help people in Kenya have clean safe water, that she has earned a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I’m proud and VERY envious.

  13. That is the best kind of breaking news! Congratulations to Aaron. Already unconditionally loved, he has now been unconditionally accepted and now he has only to unconditionally enjoy his amazing opportunities.

  14. Kudos to Aaron! One of the best breaking news events a mom could get.

  15. What a great little dance. And that is good news for Aaron. Breaking news: an enormous thunderhead outside, coming this way, slowly, with evening sunlight glinting on parts of it. Keep on collecting news.

  16. Congratulations Aaron!!!

  17. Breaking news is that your image of Pansies is very appealing and that Grumpy really wants your dinner!!

  18. I have some breaking news for you, I have both my grandsons here yet again, oh hang on that doesn’t come as a shock so really doesn’t count as breaking news, how about I say it is cold and somewhat wet here, no that doesn’t cut it as we are in the middle of winter so that isn’t breaking news.

    • I have some breaking news for you, I love seeing your comments but wait that doesn’t work because I always do. So I guess we’re both stuck with non-breaking non-news, Joanne.

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