Day 1308: Waiting

What are you waiting for?

Let’s do this post about waiting!

What am I waiting for? All these things:

  1. My son Aaron to finally hear from the University of Edinburgh that they have kept their agreement with him and unconditionally admitted him to their school, since he received a good enough (actually perfect) score on his Math Advanced Placement Exam.
  2. My open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic.
  3. My downstairs neighbor and we to decide on a mutually advantageous way for her to buy our upstairs unit.
  4. Another Open Mic night at the Kickstand Cafe in Arlington Massachusetts so I can sing in front of an audience.
  5. My son’s appearance in a local production of the musical Anything Goes.
  6. The opportunity to see the amazing American comedian Louis C.K. with my son.
  7. Another trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

There’s no waiting for me to share this information:  I expect five of those seven awaited events  to occur within the next two weeks.

If the first thing we’re waiting for does NOT happen soon, that will be the hardest part.


There’s no waiting for me to share that I often think of that Tom Petty song when I’m waiting.

Are you waiting to see the photos I couldn’t wait to take yesterday?

















I’ll be okay, especially if there’s little or no waiting for me to get some comments about this post about waiting.

Thanks to Tom Petty for The Waiting and thanks to you for waiting until the end of this post!


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39 thoughts on “Day 1308: Waiting

  1. Sadly I’m missing going up to The Edinburgh Festival and Fringe this summer! Look.luck with all the things you are waiting for. Hope your son gets into Edinburgh Uni… I grew up in Edinburgh great city to study in.

  2. So hard to wait- at least for me. I’m good at writing scripts. Guess it’s easier to wait for things you choose (like singing or the show)but harder when outcomes rely on others decisions. Aaaargh

  3. I kept you waiting for 2 days until I could get to reading your blog Ann. I need to work on my waiting skills, not my strong suit 🙂 Where will you go if you sell your apartment to your downstairs neighbor? Those flowers are beautiful!

    • I won’t keep you waiting for my answer, Lisa: Probably a nearby town where the costs are more reasonable, because the schools aren’t quite as good. And my neighbor is responsible for those beautiful flowers!

  4. Waiting for our trip to Italy seemed to take forever and now we’re back already. Today I’m waiting to get up to the cottage for the first time this summer. I just have to pack the car and I’m off. Will be back in a few days. Can’t wait to see the posts you’re going to write while I’m away.

  5. Fabulous song. Always loved it. Excellent post. Good luck with the open mic! (and all the others things)

  6. I’m waiting for October when I go to Maine for a sailing cruise to celebrate turning seventy!

  7. Those are some very big things to be waiting for all at once, Ann. The first one is puzzling as well as worrying. The university should not keep Aaron in suspense over AP scores. I am very surprised that you are considering selling your place and moving. Life seems a little stressful right now. I hope the university gives you the welcome news soon

    • We can’t control how the University of Edinburgh issues their Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, Maureen. University staff keep assuring Aaron by phone and email that the CAS will be coming “soon.” However, we can’t start the visa application process until he receives the CAS. This all makes the adventure that much more interesting. I have to have faith, at this point, that Aaron will be studying Maths at the University of Edinburgh by the time I am having surgery. And the selling and moving all make sense but won’t happen until I am recovered from surgery. Please trust me on all these things and do NOT worry.

      • I honestly wish Aaron could be with you while you have your surgery Ann, but it’s none of my business, I know.

      • It’s a wonderful wish, Maria. ❤

      • Ann, your son is very young, and Boston has soo many schools. Why does he have to go the year of your operation? I never liked that, but it’s none of my business, I know.

      • Edinburgh University is the perfect match for Aaron — I have always hoped he would go to school there. In addition, he wasn’t accepted at the Boston schools he applied to. I would never want him to miss his first year of school. And I have lots of people who are going to be taking care of me. Even if Aaron offered to stay away from school to be with me, I would say, “No thanks.” I appreciate you expressing your thoughts, Maria, and I am happy to respond to them here. Thanks for your concern and caring.

      • It’s nice to hear you’re okay with that Ann!🌸 Still, he could apply to other schools in the other States. Just thinking his presence will help Ann. There’s Standford, Berkley, many others…I’m butting in I know. Disregard this, just forget it. ❤️

      • Yet a physical presence is also questionable. He could be in Scotland, and that in itself could be a spiritual presence for you Ann, so that proves that I’m wrong. Spiritual presences are even more important than physical, corporal presences.

      • I never disregard your presence, Maria! ❤

  8. I hope your time is filled with love and joy while you wait Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. I’m a patient man. I wait for most things. But sometimes I just dive headlong in.

  10. These are good things to wait for.

  11. Right now I am not waiting for anything important, just for time to pass till I go and get Leo from school, this afternoon Blain is getting picked up by his mother

  12. I’m waiting for my next vacation in a couple weeks. Other than that, not much waiting. I do like Tom Petty!

  13. I will be waiting for your blog about the festival, for you to finish your surgery so we can continue to share each other’s blogs (and lives) and waiting until I can retire 4 years from now!

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