Day 1305: All you need

As I went back to work yesterday —  after being away for weeks because of pneumonia and heart failure — it was obvious what I needed.

Do my photos from yesterday reveal what I needed?

















All I need in the near future is love, work, and seeing my son Aaron in that Arlington Children’s Theater production of Anything Goes!

All this post needs  is some great music (here and here on Youtube):

What’s all you need, here and now?

Thanks to all who give me all I need to blog every day, including you!

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30 thoughts on “Day 1305: All you need

  1. Back to normal again….I hope? Well, cheers to your recovery and recuperation! Johanna

  2. I love the series of photographs. Hope you enjoy being back at work.

  3. Sorry to hear you were ill. I hope you are about and feeling much much better!

  4. “Makeover in Progress”…true for all of us, for all of our life. 💘

  5. Yes. To be surrounded by beauty. To nurture growth in another living thing. To be as kind and gentle with one’s self. That is what I saw in your pictures Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. See. I found all I needed right here, right now. quirky. Interesting. Fascinating thoughts and ideas and sights — and all filled with LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!

  7. I think you need to Sing, Sing,Sing too, sometimes!

  8. We need each other and we need to express ourselves. Those may seem like two separate things but really they’re deeply intertwined. We all depend on each other and by sharing our individual thoughts and perspective we acknowledge and strengthen those relationships.
    Now that I’ve gone all sappy and sentimental it’s time for a song.

  9. All you need is a good home! Hey, I’m up for adoption!

  10. Back to work is when you know you’re better! Don’t overdo it!!

  11. You have a very colorful world! You know how to capture happiness with your camera. Am glad you are back to work…just take it easy! Color your OWN world!

  12. All you need is love from your colleagues and to give some to your poor plants! I love the little cloud saying hello on the red bag!

  13. Hope you had a good day and went early to bed.

  14. Yep. I’m sure you got it

  15. A box of sea shells and sunflowers…

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