Day 1304: Crystal Clear

Yesterday, one of my doctors — Dr. Laura Kogelman of Tufts Medical Center — said to me

Your lungs are crystal clear.

Dr. Kogelman  made it crystal clear during my appointment with her that

  1. my pneumonia is gone,
  2. my heart failure has resolved,
  3. I am ready to go back to work today,
  4. I am no more likely to contract pneumonia in the future than anybody else,
  5. we are doing a good job preventing me from getting endocarditis (a dangerous inflammation of the heart which I’ve had three times before because of my leaky heart valve),
  6. she misses seeing my wonderful dentist, Dr. Luis Del Castillo (who used to be her dentist too),
  7. it’s okay for me to go to Edinburgh, Scotland in August with my son and my ex-in-laws,
  8. she thinks it’s going to be “great” when I get a new mechanical valve for my heart in September, and
  9. she liked the idea of my transforming my future open-heart-surgery scar with a tattoo.

I made it crystal clear to Dr. Kogelman that I did NOT like her idea of turning that scar into the medical symbol of a snake climbing a rod.  I told her, “I have plenty of medical symbols on my body already” and informed her that if I do decorate that  new scar after I get it in September, I’ll probably add some flowers and leaves.

What is crystal clear to you, here and now?

Are all of my photos from yesterday crystal clear?









Is it crystal clear to you that I made that t-shirt and that I especially like to wear it to medical appointments?

Yesterday, somebody named Jeanyne, who works at Tatte Bakery in Boston  (not pictured), made three things crystal clear to me:

  1. she loved my t-shirt,
  2. she wanted to own a t-shirt like that, and
  3. her mother,  Diane, who recently retired, is just now starting a new business marketing cool new wearable items.

Is today’s featured music crystal clear to you ?


Crystal clear thanks to all those who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for all your crystal clear reactions.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1304: Crystal Clear

  1. Great news all round

  2. Wow – it’s crystal clear to me that things are looking up for you! Really good to hear that.

  3. Crystal clear that you have found some clarity over the last week. Clear sailing going forward.

  4. Crystal clear – your are on a roll! So glad it has all worked it so wonderfully.

  5. You can’t beat clarity combined with good news! I’m so happy for you Ann!!

  6. What’s crystal clear to me is you’ll be going to Scotland in August!!!! whoo! Hooo!

    what is also crystal clear is you are the expert of your own experience, and what an expert you are at finding the value in every experience and making it crystal clear to others that they possess the same power!

    So happy you are up and at ’em again.

    • So happy whenever I see you here, Louise. It’s crystal clear to me that you bring light into my and others’ lives.

  7. The good news is that things are crystal clear. The great news is that the good news is multi-faceted and reflects happiness.

  8. You can go to Edinburgh with Aaron in August!!! That is the best news!

    Will you get a tattoo, do you think? A line of butterflies? What about making it look like a zipper? A microphone? One flower? An Oscar for singing?

  9. Very good news. I’m happy for you.

  10. Crystal clear you’ve had fabulous news. So glad you’ll be going to Scotland!

  11. Great news. And a perfect song to match, one which brings back high school memories. ☺

  12. “On a Clear Day” for you Ann:

  13. Excellent news. And Scotland? I’m so jealous!

  14. good news all around and now crystal clear to us all. love that shirt Ann!!!

  15. Dea

    Ann ~ thanks for everything!

    This came on an email from Colossal right after I read Crystal Clear:

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