Day 1300: Title

Why have I titled my post “Title” today?

Is it because:

  • the title of today’s post has an impressive number?
  • yesterday I went looking for the title of a car I want to donate to a charity with the title “Make a Wish Foundation” and I couldn’t find that title anywhere, even though I KNOW I saw that title a month ago?
  • I used to title myself “stupid” or “loser” when I misplaced important things?
  • how we title ourselves has a huge effect on how we behave and feel about ourselves?
  • I choose the title “Ms.” when I fill out forms?
  • I prefer the title “healthy” to “sick”?
  • I saw a movie yesterday — “Ghostbusters” — with the same title of another movie I’ve watched many times?
  • I believe every human being is as worthy as the next, no matter what each person’s title?
  • many of the photos I took yesterday could be titled “Title”?
















If you were going to choose a different title for today’s post, what would it be?  If you were going to choose some music for today’s post, what would the title of that song be?

Thanks to all who helped me create this titled post and to you for visiting today, no matter what your title is!


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43 thoughts on “Day 1300: Title

  1. Congratulations on 1,300 Days!. I have enjoyed the view from your window and feel as if we are friends that never met. Here’s to the next 1,300.

  2. It is really funny– As I was lying here reading your post, I suddenly wondered if you had gone to that wonderful ice cream place in Cambridge lately. And just a few photos later — ice cream!!! So I would call this post, “Wow!”

    Are you really donating a car o a charity? It is 3:30 in the morning here and I am reading this with only one eye open and haven’t had any coffee yet, so I can’t be sure.

    • I am really donating a car to charity. If I can’t find the title, I have every other document related to the purchase of that car, so the title may not be important. Wow!

  3. Title: I couldn’t make head or tale of Algebra; Song: The Calculation:

  4. So great that you are donating your car, Ann Love the post, not a fan of Ms. Trainor, who boosted the morale of chubby girls, but did so by shaming the skinny ones.

  5. I like many of the titles of the books on the shelf.

  6. “Words, words. They’re all we have to go on.” That’s a quote from Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead which takes its title from a line in Hamlet. Titles are words that serve so many purposes. I especially think about the title of your blog which I think alludes to another title.
    Anyway, here’s another title song…

  7. Title me “Dancing”. Great blog again and congrats on 1300!

  8. amusez798387

    Happy 1300! I like the Borges book and the ice cream. Ice cream is meant for 90 degree days and may serve as “dinner”.

  9. This IS the title, that else could it be?

  10. Are all those business affected by the same road construction that has been plaguing you?

  11. 1300 is auspicious!
    You are entitled to do whatever you like 😎

  12. Enjoyed the photos

  13. Grumpy, you mean there are more titles?

  14. To National Caviar Day 🙂

  15. I love the title of your post, Ann. The content really fits the title of ‘Title’. It’s also ‘Funny’ and “Interesting’
    ‘Varied’ and ‘A Great Read’. As for you being a ‘Loser’ or ‘Stupid’ … you are far from being either of these! The Meghan Trainor video title, ‘Title’, was ‘Catchy’ and ‘Amusing’, although I’ve never heard of her before. That’s probably because of my own title of ‘Old” in recent years and simply ‘Out of Touch’. 🙂

    • Millie, I would never title you “Old or “Out of Touch.” My titles for you include “Talented,” “Kind”, “Illuminating,” “Wonderful,” and “Appreciated.”

  16. Good morning, Ann! Congrats on Day 1300! Great post and such creative associations to the word title. I liked the posted titled Hamlet. Nice art! Just a quick note before we start the drive to Florida from PA stopping overnight at Columbia SC which is supposed to be 99 degrees today.🚘 Ironically, SW FL will be out of the heat wave area, so we’re heading south to cool off! 🌴 We snowbirds are looking for a nice winter nest. 🐦 Hope all,is well! Have been too busy to read blogs the past few days. Hugs, Sunny 🌞

    • Hugs back at you! I am honored to title you “Friend,” “Sunny”!

      • Thank you for that honorific! Ann, where would we be without you and your blog? Hope to find time to write a blog post of my own from the hotel in the next few days. Sending healing your way case you need it 😎

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