Day 1299: Looks

As I look around, I notice how much looks matter to people.  Personally, I look at a lot more than just looks when I look at somebody.

But look at me!  Yesterday, looks mattered so much to me that I requested that people look at this photo AND I asked them “HOW DO I LOOK?”


Look, I’m like anybody else. I want to look good.  But I especially wanted to people to look at how I looked yesterday so they could see how I look a short week after  diagnoses of pneumonia and heart failure .

And even though I asked others “HOW DO I LOOK?”  I look at it this way:  What’s most important is how I thought I looked. If somebody else had looked at that photo critically and judgmentally, their looks would not have mattered to me, at all.

Are you ready to look at other images I looked at yesterday?











Did any of those photos get a second look from you?

It’s time to look at some music!

I’ll take a look later to see if I get any comments for this post about looks.

Look!  It’s me thanking you for looking at my blog, here and now.

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55 thoughts on “Day 1299: Looks

  1. yeh, I had to focus on the switch plate just to read what each was for.

  2. Never judge a book by its cover, and outward appearances can be deceptive etc.

  3. Congratulations, (Enter a name here) You look fantastic!

    Well, I wrote my own message, but left the default name in because when it’s your blog, you know I’m addressing you, Ann Koplow!

    Do I win the 50K scholarship AND a meeting with Katy Perry?

  4. You look great, Ann. Hoping you are feeling so recovered, you’ve been through the mill for sure. 💖

  5. I’ve just returned from Italy. I feel I’ve missed so much. I’m going to back to my emails for the last three weeks to see what I’ve missed. Hope you’re okay!

    • It’s great to look and see you here, Carol, after your trip to Italy! When you look at my other posts, you’ll see that I had fevers for many days, two hospitalizations, and pneumonia and heart failure. Look at me now, though … I’m almost fully recovered! ❤

  6. Wow Ann, I’m so happy you’re recovering! You sure are looking good and full of life. BTW, my last post is also about looks and the stupid sentence “Age is just a Number”.
    The first picture immediatel caught my eye because I recognized it from an advertisement I liked. Beautiful woman.

  7. …immediately

    • I loved looking at your blog post today, Heila. Always wonderful to look and see you here. ❤

      • And I love looking at your comment right now, in the middle of the night, with the monotonous sound of the ventilator in the background…

  8. You look fantastic, and I don’t bother anymore with how old I look, it’s how I feel that matters. Looks can be so deceiving. Young at heart no matter what all those lines around my eyes are saying!!

  9. I never judge a book by it’s cover, I always look from the inside out. You look happy and content. :o)

  10. Ann, I noticed your photo yesterday and thought that you were looking vibrant, healthy, happy and lovely. I didn’t comment but I smiled. I should have! The photo stuck in my mind, though.

  11. I think you look great. Just look relaxed is all.

  12. You look great!
    You looked great!
    Your looks were great!

  13. You look fantastic as always but the really important thing is your test results look good. And you feel good, although opinions on that topic may differ.

  14. You look absolutely terrific!

  15. Looking good Ann!
    I love it when the looks on the outside match the feelings inside 😍

  16. You look happy to me and I like your tousled hair.

  17. Interesting!

  18. Ann, you have such beautiful eyes… ❤
    Diana xo

  19. You look good, Ann – and rested. Mind you, Angelina did warrant a second look 🙂

  20. Some of those did merit a second look ha. You and your blog have always looked good both in image and content 🙂

  21. You look mahvalous dahling! 🙂

  22. I really like the way you look, natural and creative. You look like somebody I would want to talk to.

  23. I do not know you personally and have never seen a picture of you. I’m going to be very judge-y and judge this person by her cover. If someone asked me what I thought of the person in this picture I would say they were warm and kind and smart. I’m probably right 🙂

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