Day 1297: It’s all about you

Do you believe it’s all about you?

In this blog, it’s all about capturing images that are all about you, me, and the day’s topic.


Actually, today’s blog post is all about me seeing my Primary Care Physician,  Dr. Laura Snydman, who

  • always makes her patients feel it’s all about them,
  • has been my doctor for many years,
  • is all about her adorable dog, and
  • told me yesterday I’m recovering VERY WELL from pneumonia and heart failure.

Now, it’s all about you and what you see in my other photos from yesterday:













If it’s  all about you wanting to know what “The Pillow Men” is all about, I can’t help you there.

As I look all about me and my day ahead, it’s all about

It’s all about me taking care of myself as I continue to heal, so I’m not sure what tomorrow’s post will be about.

It’s all about music that’s all about you.


Finally, it’s all about you leaving comments for this all-about-you post!

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18 thoughts on “Day 1297: It’s all about you

  1. It’s about about you allowing yourself to continue on the recovery track, Ann. On the mend is wonderful.

  2. It is all about you continuing to get well.

  3. It’s all about you keeping fit for September. Please do

  4. It’s all about you Grumpy when reading The New York Times!

  5. I never thought about our pets, especially dogs and cats, this way before but the love they give us is all about us, and we care for them in ways that are all about them. This affection is unconditional and circular; we all give without expecting anything in return.

  6. It’s all about hearing the new goods that you are recovering well my friend. ❤ ❤ 😀

  7. It’s all about me being happy that you’re home and doing better

  8. It’s all about you getting better. And maybe being invited to a pillow fight.

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