Day 1293: Tigers

Have you ever wondered why my avatar here at WordPress is a tiger wearing glasses?

As usual, there are many reasons. Two of the reasons appear in a post I wrote my very first year of blogging  — Day 161: Tales of Tigers.

This blogging tiger realizes that you might not have the time  to read that previous Tiger post. So today’s post will focus on these two Tigers:


The tiger on the right is Tiger, my well-worn childhood toy.

The tiger on the left is glad that she’s home from the hospital, healing like the tiger that she is.

What’s some good tiger music for today?

Tiger Tune #1:

Tiger Tune #2:

Tiger Tune #3:

Any comment you’d like to leave behind, Tiger?

Thanks to all the tigers who helped me create today’s tiger of a post and to you — of course! — for being enough of a tiger to be here.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1293: Tigers

  1. Hey, Tiger. Glad you’re out and about!

  2. When my youngest daughter was 5 she was diagnosed with a disease she couldn’t pronounce, and nor could I. What it meant was that every 3 months for about 3 years, she had to go for an MRI. And she hated them. So, we went to a toy store and I let her choose any toy she wanted to be her talisman — there could be no metal on the toy and it had to be small enough for her to hold while in the MRI. After about an hour consideration, she chose a stuffed tiger. She called him…. Grrrr. I told her that Grrrr was her protector. That in those moments as the MRI started to pummel, she didn’t need to be courageous because Grrrr would be courageous for her. And that’s what happened. I stood at her feet at the edge of the machine while Grrrr rode valiantly into the tunnel with her.
    He helped me a lot too as mostly, I wanted to cry as I watched my tiny precious daughter disappear into that tube she hated so much. He reminded me to be brave.

    I’m so glad you’ve got your tiger and that both of you are home, healing and breathing freely.

    Much love dear Ann. You always remind me to find the sun in everything.

  3. I am glad to hear you are healing like the Tiger.

  4. Lovely to be home? Hope you feel 100% soon. Xxx

    • Thank you for this lovely and loving comment. Xxxxxxx

      • I feel for you. Hospitals are lonely places, though indispensable. I have the greatest respect for those who work there, but there’s no place like home.

  5. Eleanor

    Welcome home Ann. Hoping to see pictures of the local environs soon.
    And you look pretty in pink!

  6. Welcome Home Ann!!

  7. I’m tickled that, like the tiger lily, you’re growing and blooming, with a hidden but healthy bulb of knowledge and experience that you both draw on and feed. That may seem like an odd metaphor but metaphors are the tigers of language: unpredictable, powerful, and never quite tamed.

  8. Tyger tyger burning bright eh

  9. A most unusual and expressive tiger!

  10. You are a tiger Ann … Warm and Cuddly too. That’s the best combination 🐯

  11. Oh wow! Welcome home with the lovely tiger ! 🙂

  12. The group Survivor that sings “Eye of the Tiger” started out playing in a dinky little bar by some old railroad tracks near my childhood home. I think I have listened to it 1000+ times. I’m going searching for it now. Lovely post!

  13. and bears and lions!!! oh my!!!

  14. You hang on to Tiger

  15. I just saw this the other day and really enjoyed it. although it was a bit too Disney-esque!

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