Day 1291: Inexplicable

Rather than have “inexplicable” be inexplicable, here’s a definition:

unable to be explained or accounted for.
“for some inexplicable reason her mind went completely blank”
synonyms: unaccountable, unexplainable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable, insoluble

For some inexplicable reason, my mind never seems to go completely blank.

Yesterday morning, I inexplicably said to a team of doctors that came to my hospital room:

People seem to find my getting pneumonia inexplicable. What should I say to somebody who asks, “How did you pick this up?”

The head resident inexplicably smiled, paused, and then responded.

Tell them, “I got it from you.”

That response is inexplicable, unless you realize that he was kidding.

Yesterday, I inexplicably had an almost completely positive day at Boston’s Tufts Medical Center, where I’ve been hospitalized since Sunday, as follows:

  • they got me off I.V. antibiotics and onto oral ones,
  • I stopped wearing any sort of oxygen support,
  • I did many laps around the hospital unit, and
  • several of the doctors mentioned the possibility that I might be going home today.

My happiness at the end of the day is probably not inexplicable.

Then,  one of the nurses woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that my oxygen levels had inexplicably gone down while I was sleeping. No matter what position I got into, the oxygen levels remained inexplicably insufficient.  As I am writing this inexplicable post, I am back on oxygen support.

Will this inexplicable drop in my oxygen levels affect my chances of going home today?

Your inexplicable guess is as good as mine.

Are any of my photos from yesterday inexplicable?





































If any of those images are inexplicable, let me know and I shall explain.

Are my two musical choices for this post (found here and here on YouTube) inexplicable?



Honestly, if there are no comments on this post, I shall find that inexplicable.

Explicable thanks to all who helped me create this inexplicable post and to you — of course! — for reading it.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1291: Inexplicable

  1. Lucy you got some explicableing to do!!!!! 😉

  2. so many ups and downs…. sunflowers and clogged drains, smiling nurse face, IV stand, beware of germs, get to know your patients. I hope the inexplicable moves itself out and with it, gets you out and home soon Ann. ❤ ❤

  3. As a retired nurse, i find things are not always so inexplicable. While you sleep, your oxygen levels drop. This is not so inexplicable as your body is still tidying up from the pneumonia. Given some oxygen support til you get your lungs healthy, will perk you up and aid in your recovery. Patience, patient.

  4. tmezpoetry

    I found the ‘You need sleep sign’ funny. Who gets good sleep in a hospital?? haha

  5. It is inexplicable to me that someone so inexplicably amazing can catch something so inexplicable as pneumonia. There must have been some inexplicable germ floating around! Or something else equally as inexplicable. But then, ‘there are times I almost think I am not absolutely sure of what I know.” 🙂 (love that song!)

    It’s inexplicable to me that I typed ‘inexplicable’ so many times without mis-spelling inexplicable once!

  6. This is a little worrying. Will they switch you back to IV antibiotics? I hope you are resilient today. There are many flowers there. You are not asthmatic?

  7. LOL on the Head Resident’s suggestion for what to say about your pneumonia–that would be SO you (in a kidding way, of course)! I hope those beautiful flowers help cheer you up. It’s all about oxygen, isn’t it? We humans just can’t seem to quit the stuff. My brother’s on it 24-7 and we’re always threatening to switch out his tank with helium. Get well and stay well, Ann. XXO, Janet

  8. There’s nothing inexplicable about the doctor’s joke “Tell them ‘I got it from you'”. It’s funny and may even be true. Our immune systems fight off so much and yet inexplicably fail us on occasion.
    That’s a mystery I would like to see solved but I also hope there will always be some things that are inexplicable, mysteries, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
    For instance, wouldn’t Yul Brynner have been so much better in The Babe Ruth Story?

  9. Ann,
    Glad you got your pardon today! Or you have been inexplicably forced to escape.

  10. Hope what ever you have disappears in an Inexplicable way so you can go home. Feel better. :o)

  11. Hope you can go home soon, wishing you better Ann!

  12. So glad you are home and hope you can stay there

    • I’ll want to get out some day, Derrick, but thanks, as always, for your inexplicably consistent kindness.

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