Day 1288: The reason

After I wrote yesterday’s blog post — What is the reason? — I had reasons to believe that something  was very wrong . My fevers got higher and I kept feeling worse. 

So I reasoned that I had reason to revisit the Emergency Room. And my reasonable and loyal boyfriend Michael found a reason to accompany me. 

Soon after we got there, they told me that my oxygen levels were low, which was the first hint at the reason for my fevers: pneumonia. What is the reason they didn’t discover this reason of pneumonia when I was in the hospital last week? Last week, there was no reason to suspect pneumonia, because I had no symptoms and nothing showed up on the x-ray. 

I hope that this pneumonia has reason to resolve early. 

Do you think I had a reason to take that photo of the blood pressure cuff in the Emergency Room? My reason is that I like  all those drawings of those different people. 

I hope you find a reason to comment today. And I’ll remind you and me to breathe easy, no matter what the reason. 

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55 thoughts on “Day 1288: The reason

  1. The reason I’m commenting is I believe there is reason for you to feel better. The reason being, the world needs you healthy. Because you are a guide. To many of us. Feel better please !!!! ❤

  2. lundygirl

    Hope you feel a lot better soon

  3. Pneumonia is no fun. 😦

  4. Wishing you a sound recovery. 😊

  5. Hoping you feel better soon!

  6. And get well soon!

  7. Best wishes for your health and a speedy recovery…and it takes a true artist to see beauty in a blood pressure cuff!

  8. Wishing well for your health, for all reasons!

  9. Reasoning that treating the pneumonia will have you feeling better soon!

  10. Luis Del Castillo

    My reason is to wish you a speedy recovery!

  11. Sending you extra energy and healing thoughts!

  12. Eleanor

    Pneumonia is no fun but if that is source of your fevers it is good to know and that it will get resolved. My healing thoughts are with you and hope you are healthy and home soon.

  13. I have reason to pause and send you love and healing light.

  14. I’m glad they found the reason for your fevers…. It might be well to eat some cloves of fresh garlic every day; garlic, when fresh, contains a protein which, when consumed, acts as a natural antibiotic, cleaning the blood of all foreign bacteria inside four minutes, without harming the bacteria natural to the system. Taking some each day helps the body to resist such ‘walking pneumonias’, before they can compromise our immunity….

    Natural solutions are good, for they encourage our bodies to deal with issues from within, without adding extra chemicals to the mix….Phoenix Tears would also do you a world of good….

    Best of luck with feeling better….


  15. If asked to give a reason for why I stop here daily there are many that I could offer–your optimism is inspiring, you always make me think about things in new and interesting ways, your musical selections are always enjoyable–but today my only reason is to say I hope you feel better soon.

  16. Hope you are feeling better. Keeping you in my thoughts!

  17. Lets hope they’ve cracked it.

  18. Oh, gosh. While I am glad that they figured out the culprit I am sorry that you are still, after all this time, sick and with something that is reducing your oxygen and probably sapping your energy. They had you on antibiotics before, so I wonder if those antibiotics prevented your pneumonia from showing symptoms earlier or if this just developed from whatever mysterious thing has been ailing you. In any case, I hope that you have some time off to recover, enjoy some summer weather and your family. Mystery solved!

  19. Well at least now I can be specific in my prayers for your complete recovery.

  20. Hope you are beginning to recover. That sounds nasty.

  21. Something artistically called you t the cuff so, of course, there was reason to take its photo. Heal quickly, there’s a reason we are all hanging on waiting for you to feel better.

  22. I have no idea what the reason could be but hope you find the reason soon

  23. That is good you know the reason of your fever. I think that is also a good reason to start getting better !

  24. My reason for reading this at 3.30am is that I can’t sleep. But I can breathe easily so that is a reason to not care about being awake. Hope you feel much better really soon.

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