Day 1287: What’s the reason?

If you’re like me, you’ve been asking today’s title question — “What’s the reason?” — a lot lately.

In addition to our shared reasons for asking “What’s the reason?” as we look around us,  I’ve got my own personal reason to ask that question.

For the past 11 days, reasonable Ann Koplow has been unreasonably running fevers, and teams of reasonable doctors have not been able to discover the reason.

These doctors have ruled out the scary reasons, which was very reasonable of them, but I remain unreasonably perturbed at the unreasonable duration of these fevers.

Why can’t I reason with these fevers and make them go away?  If I could, this is how I would attempt to reason with them:

Me: Hey, Fevers!  No offense, but could you please get the (*(#@!!?? out of my body? Nobody invited you!  Scram!  Don’t you know that I’ve got a kashmilliion things to do over the next three months?

Fevers: 99.9

Me:  Arrrghhhh!

Hmmmmm. Who’s sounding more reasonable there?

One thing I’ve noticed in my 63 years alive on this reasonable and unreasonable earth — if human beings cannot come up with a reason for something, we keep trying, even if the reasons become unreasonable.

Is that a reasonable paragraph, directly above? Do you think I had reason to write it?

What’s the reason I took these photos yesterday?


What’s the reason I took that photo? It’s from the office of my wonderful friend, Carol.


What’s the reason I took that photo?  I’ve been drinking lots of tea AND I think we should all be proud of who we are.


What’s the reason I took that photo?  It features our ubiquitous cat Oscar AND  some scripts my son Aaron has been writing for his cable-access sketch comedy show.


What’s the reason I took that photo?  We were at a Mexican Restaurant last night on Bellis Circle in Cambridge, which is coincidentally home to two of the most reasonable and wonderful people I’ve ever met.


What’s the reason I took that photo?  I reasonably asked my son Aaron and my boyfriend Michael last night if I could AND THEY BOTH SAID YES, for some reason.  Reasonable Michael unreasonably doesn’t like me to take pictures of him. If he finds out I put that picture in today’s blog, I’m going to tell him the reason was that I was running fevers.

What’s the reason I like to include music in my blog posts?

Do I really need a reason to include Tracy Chapman‘s “Give Me One Reason?

What’s the reason for me to include another tune, “No Rhyme No Reason”?  Because I reasonably love the late George Duke, who wrote and performed it:

What’s the reason for you to comment on this post? I reasonably hope you’ve got a reason to do so.

What’s the reason I blog every day?  To connect with you, my wonderfully reasonable readers.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1287: What’s the reason?

  1. You don’t need a reason to “Chill out” today.

  2. I hope you get to the bottom of your fevers Ann. I love Tracy Chapman! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I think it is also to have a small break for not worry about anything reasonable.

  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ann I love the photo you your two men and Tracy Chapman’s song. I am delighted by these.

    And I wonder, mathematically, a free how many days of having a temp of 99.9 can 99.9 be considered your new normal?

    • Thank you for your 99.9% reasonable and lovely comment, Maureen. What’s the reason that a fever of 99.9 could ever be anybody’s new normal, especially somebody like me whose normal is usually below normal? If I had to answer your question, I would have to say that 99.9 days of a 99.9 temperature would verify 99.9 as my new normal. Don’t ask me the reason for that answer.

      • Maureen

        If your temperature has always been below normal, Ann, it is only because you are such a cool person. And as you are still very cool, it should drop back there pretty soon. (I hope.)

  6. You never need a reason for Tracy Chapman, Ann!
    I will be in an area of iffy Internet for a few weeks, so if I disappear, that’s why. When I DO have Internet, I will be posting my blogs. Edisto Island, here I come!

  7. What’s Ann talking about? This is my last play and she knows that very well.

  8. More than a reasonable post Ann! Love Tracy Chapman’s voice of reason 💛

  9. It is terrible and when we asked ourselves or other what the reason for fevers, broccoli earthquakes and such and get no answers because we have no idea the reason for such things

  10. Oh dear… A few years ago, I had mild fevers for an extended period of time. Checked for everything — nada. Then it went away with no explanation either. Hope yours does too, although knowing would be nice, too!

  11. Let us hope that, now you have the reason for your fevers, that they see reason and depart.

  12. Ann, reasonableness sucks.

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