Day 1283: What’s wrong with me?

What’s wrong with me, that I’ve been running fevers since last Thursday?

What’s wrong with me, that they admitted me to a regular room in the hospital from the Emergency Room on Monday and then had Jean move me the next morning to a weird-looking, isolated-feeling, private room all the way down the hall?










What’s wrong with me, that they gave me one infusion of intravenous antibiotics?




What’s wrong with me that I couldn’t figure out how to make that machine stop its annoyingly loud beeping for about an hour after the infusion was complete?

What’s wrong with me that I’ve been using the game “Hangman” as a way to distract myself since I was a little kid?



What’s wrong with me that I thought I could figure out how to use the thermometer in my room by myself?


What wrong with me that I converted that result to Fahrenheit, decided I was fever free, and reported that to people I know? What’s wrong with me that I’m confessing, now, that I actually was not using that thermometer correctly and that my fever has never gone down to normal since last Thursday without the help of Tylenol?

What’s wrong with me that these friggin’ fevers won’t go away?

What’s wrong with me that I, the patient, wrote stuff on the whiteboard in my hospital room?







What’s wrong with me that they sent me down for an echocardiogram, where I was lucky enough to run into the amazingly wonderful  Eva, my favorite person who works there?


What’s wrong with me that I’m now including links (here and here) to my other blog posts that feature Eva?

What’s wrong with me that I took  these pictures of Eva’s Apple Watch?




What’s wrong with me that I sang for Eva during the echocardiogram?  What wrong with me that when I found out she also loves to sing and sings alto that I suggested we sing together some time in the future?

What’s wrong with me that I keep asking what’s wrong with me?  I should know, from my experience as a clinical social worker, that this is a much more useful question:

What’s right with me?

There must be some things right with me, because they sent me home from the hospital last night, even though my fevers haven’t gone away.  Here’s what is most likely NOT wrong with me: Endocarditis.  I’m all right with that. My doctors will call if any tests show what’s causing these fevers.

What’s the right music for this “What’s wrong with me?” post?

Thanks to Eva,  Miss Peggy Lee, all the other people who helped me make this post right, and thanks to you — of course! — for reading it.

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58 thoughts on “Day 1283: What’s wrong with me?

  1. Hope you okay now and thanks for sharing that great song, oldies are the best.

  2. Music and chocolate…that would be my comfort plan as well. ☺ There is so much right with you, Ann. Hang in there.

  3. Sending wishes it turns out to be nothing serious / life threatening and that your temperature settles back to a comfortable level. Waiting for your update…. 🙂

  4. What’s right with you is a much longer list than what’s wrong with you, I’d go out on a list to say, Ann. Smart. Fun. Beautiful. Loyal. On and on I could go.

    The other question, once the answer is identified, that label will go away.

    The rights are yours in perpuitity.

  5. hugs and hopes for your recovery

  6. Oh, Ann, it’s so unnerving when they can’t find what’s wrong with you. I’ve been there, so I know. But it will get better. Meanwhile, keep singing, keep posting, keep eating chocolate. Hugs!

  7. koolaidmoms

    Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery from your fever! Hope all is well soon!

  8. Yvette

    Ann Koplow. I can tell you dear that nothing is wrong with you ,except you are a very sensible kind, so natural lady with a pure heart which is rare nowadays. Thank you for making my day great. I Loved your voice and your singing which shows your beautiful spirit and of course it will be wonderful to sing with you.

  9. So much is right with you, including being surrounded by supportive, caring, and smart people.

  10. Very much is right with you, and soon this fever will be gone and you’ll be out and about!

  11. Yes boredom stirs up mischief. Don’t you wish you were like Spider-Man and could run across all those tall buildings? I like that you included chocolate in your comfort plan and advocated for nurse leadership. To be home in your own wee bed is best. Rest and give your body all the food and fluids it wants. Things will get sorted out. Meanwhile, practice snapping your fingers and giving Michael that smoky stare of Miss Peggy Lee!

  12. Ann,

    I probably should have thought to do this before, but, well, didn’t. In my considered opinion, you need to, first, check out the information on the first listed website, and watch the videos on the You Tube channel where the second video sits below:

    The video I’ve embedded has below has disturbing, yet interesting information, whereas, the other videos have more evidence of what I am telling you….

    Then, I think it would do you a world of good to get yourself to a state where you can use RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). It is, literally, Phoenix Tears. It cured my brother’s stage III cancer, in six months time. It is healing my own diverticulosis, has improved my vision to where glasses are no longer needed. It has stabilized my blood pressure, overall metabolism, and with some diet adjustments, has eliminated my diabetic tendencies. It eradicates warts, by personal experience. The essential oil of cannabis stimulates the body’s own healing properties to their most effective levels, and there is, so far, almost nothing found it will not improve, without ANY side effects….

    It is worth investigation, and could very possibly help your body heal itself….



    • Oh, yes… For anyone who requires any such justification to heal themselves, rather than depending on someone to do it for them, for religious reasons, I would simply remind them of Genesis 1:29. Read it, and even they will have to agree it makes perfect sense…


      Great music, by the way. I’ve loved Miss Lee for, oh, about 60 years now…..


  13. You have been thoroughly investigated by people and contraptions, so the answer to what is ailing you will likely come in due course. But, what is right with you? That is a great question. I wonder which people and gizmos we can employ to answer it? One gizmo is your camera. By looking at the photos you post in your blog, I can expertly determine that you have a curious mind, that you engage warmly and openly with people around you, and that you get out of the house at almost every opportunity. Thank you for sharing.

    • Can you tell that I do NOT like getting out of the house when the opportunity presents itself for me to go to the hospital? After thorough investigation, Maureen, I find nothing wrong with you and everything right with you. ❤

    Sending best regards,

  15. I hope it gets resolved and you feel better

  16. What is not wrong is how happy I feel that you’ve been released from the hospital. Now I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  17. What’s wrong no longer is because you’re starting to ask what’s right. I like that iWatch!

  18. Love me some Peggy Lee.

    Hope they figure out what’s going on. It must be terribly frustrating.

  19. I hope all is right with you once again- I do love how you filled out that white board-the comfort plan and social worker- yes, were excellent answers 😀 😀 There is certainly more right with you than wrong. ❤

  20. Being in hospital sucks but when one is sick it is often the best place for them and it doesn’t suck as much as it does when we are still there and feeling pretty much ok. Hope you are feeling better

  21. THere is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. There is something going on that you don’t have control over. but I would never say there is something wrong with you. Ever.

  22. Oh dear. I hope oral chocolate and music of your choice quickly brings down that fever so we can truly say there’s nothing wrong with you!

  23. I wish you had a different prompt for this wonderful song

  24. Wow, Ann I’m sorry I missed your timely posting of this. Did they find out what was up? I’ll read up to see if you say… ❤ Hugs, Sunny

    • Thanks for making things right with your presence, Sunny. No conclusions on what was wrong with me, at this point. Hugs back at you. ❤

  25. MAG

    Les sourires, le chocolat, votre talent et votre bon esprit sont excellent.
    All is right with you now, Ann. I hope to see you back here.

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