Day 1280: Day and Night

Yesterday,  I was afraid to venture out into the light of a beautiful weekend day, because I’d been running fevers for three days and two nights.

Here are my photos from  the day:







All those photos reminded me of people I love, which lightened my day.

When day turned into night, I heard that Elie Wiesel had passed into “that good night” . I spent last night  reading his first and most famous book,  Night, about the Holocaust.

Now, it’s another day.

What helps change your personal night into day? My answer has to include  music, movies, and dance.

Daily, I believe that a blog post without a comment is like day without night (or vice versa).

Thanks to all who turn my nights into day, including you.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1280: Day and Night

  1. The view from the window is a good one Ann.The view inside looks cozy. Are the fevers gone?

  2. Love you, Ann❤️

  3. Here’s a hello and comment to brighten your day/ blog!
    Felt better soon.

  4. One summer I very happily worked the graveyard shift at a printing press. Long breaks allowed me to read the complete works of Oscar Wilde.
    Sometimes the night can be our day. During the day we’re bathed in the light of our nearest star but the night gives us a chance to see other worlds and other stars.

    • Michael was a night cook for many years and still turns day into night. Daily, I think he would appreciate your beautiful perspective on the night, Chris.

  5. I do hope your fevers desist Ann; and that they don’t prevent your surgery. Love is what turns my night into day

  6. Sorry you were not well, but you had a great view and a good read. They help pass the time.

  7. I’m worried about your fever, Ann. Worried about you looking out the window on a sunny day and worried about you reading Elie Wiesel. Worried about Michael, who must be very worried and just lost his mother.Are they giving you medication to fight endocarditis while the tests are underway? I hope you hear some good news.

    • At this point in the day, Maureen, you might be more worried than I or Michael. The fact that I haven’t heard any news on this second day after the test is a good sign. My title for this day’s post was almost “No News is Good News.” ❤ ❤

  8. I was so sad to hear of E.W.’s passing. His influence was legendary. He dedicated his life to the memory of a nightmare.

    Your painting is a sort of “Sunday in the Park with Ann”. Lovely. 💘

    • That’s painted by my friend — a wonderfully talented artist — Paul Nagano. Day and night, Van, I’m grateful for my friends, including you! ❤

  9. Poor you – hope the fever goes soon. Mine are art, literature, animals and, mostly, my grandchildren…

  10. Hope the fever has gone – thank you for the link to Night – I have not read it but will be looking to buy it now. My night to day things are: creating, music and my husband’s smile.

  11. Found it on Amazon along with Dawn and Day – thanks for the intro to these works!

  12. I do hope you feel better soon, Ann. Derrick, as ever, is wise and right in his comment.

  13. I love the first image Ann!

  14. Happy 4th, Ann. Stay cool, and enjoy your time indoors. Your body continues to tell you what to do.

  15. Ann,
    Sorry to hear you’re a bit under the weather. Albeit beautiful weather. More of the same will follow during this season. When you are better and enjoying such days, you won’t give a thought to these that you had to miss.
    Happy 4th!

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