Day 1279: Care

Yesterday, I saw this


at a hospital where I receive good care.

After I took that photo, I saw a doctor new to me who took care to

  1. order blood cultures to rule out endocarditis as the reason for the fevers I’ve been running,
  2. call the garage where I had parked my car because I had carelessly left my wallet at home,
  3. tell me that she would have hospitalized anybody else with my medical history, but she trusted I would take care to return if my symptoms got worse, and
  4. inform the doctors on call over the weekend about my situation,  so they could contribute to my care.

I took care to email my caring and careful cardiologist, Dr. Salem,  about my running a fever and getting tested for endocarditis.  Even though he’s on vacation and away from the hospital for a couple of weeks, Dr. Salem  cared enough to quickly send me this reply:


It’s amazing how a one-word email can communicate care.

After I got home, I took care to get lots of sleep and keep track of my fevers. A nurse from the hospital cared to call and inform me that one preliminary result looked encouraging.  We particularly care about the results from the blood cultures, which will probably come through today.

Here are the other photos I cared to take yesterday:








Would you care to say which photo best represents  “Care” to you?

If you care, here‘s a song I cared to perform at work on Thursday about our new caring service called “Quick Response,” available four days each week.

Thanks for caring!

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30 thoughts on “Day 1279: Care

  1. You are not alone. That signifies care to me.

  2. So far, so good. The “caregiver support group” photo reminded me of a great book written by a friend of mine. You can see it here: Regards.

  3. I care that you can sing about caring. I’m caring that you know how to care for yourself, with your health care team. Take care and rest. You’ll be feeling better in no time. (Ice Cream, is a good, caring prescription).

  4. It’s good to know the care you’re getting is at least equal to the care you give. I hope your singing “Quick Response” will act as therapy for a quick recovery.
    And seeing a patient in two days is a “miracle”?

  5. First picture is the one. Hope you feeling better soon.

  6. I love your doctors. I love that one of them would email you “Yikes!” I care about you and the outcome of your blood tests. How are you feeling Z’s other than having a fever? Are there any other possible explanations for your fever?

    • I love you and your caring comments, Maureen. The caring doctor I saw yesterday was quite alarmed that I had no other symptoms. She said, “Let’s hope that it’s a urinary tract infection!” Yikes! I didn’t care to join her in that hope. It’s possible that this is just a fever with no other explanation. Every hour passing by without a call from the hospital is good news, I believe.

      • That is worrying. I hope it is a mild summer virus. Or maybe the fever of pride that arises when your only son graduates high school. Please keep us posted.

  7. Such a touching post this weekend as I move into caregiver role for a few days …. When we bring our love and caring, something miraculous often happens …. The suffering passes.
    May we all embrace caring for ourselves as you do Ann and reaching out for what you need.
    Why? Because I care ❤️

  8. I’m so glad they took good care of you Ann!

  9. I hope you feel better soon and that the living is easy!

  10. Sounds like you received some great care Ann. Hope you’re feeling better ❤

  11. Yikes! redux

    Hoping the fever is gone, care is everywhere, and you are feeling amazing ❤

  12. Good for Dr Salem, Ann

  13. I can really relate, having received excellent care during my hospital stay and recovery! Hope you feel better soon:-)

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