Day 1277: Breakthroughs

Every time I do a therapy group, I witness people making personal breakthroughs.

Yesterday, I witnessed a group breaking through dozens of interesting subjects to choose “Breakthroughs” as the focus of the group’s work.

One of my breakthroughs is to ask the group certain questions  about the topics that break through our discussions:


In case my writing isn’t legible enough to break through into your consciousness, here are my breakthrough questions from yesterday:

  1. What is your personal experience of breakthroughs?
  2. What are your personal obstacles to breakthroughs?
  3. What helps you with breakthroughs?

All the group participants broke through shyness, self-consciousness, and other obstacles to sharing in a group to describe inspiring breakthroughs.

Here’s more of my bad penmanship breaking through in response to Question #3, above:


What thoughts and feelings might break through, for you, regarding breakthroughs?

Do any of my other photos from yesterday — breaking through this post in chronological order — show breakthroughs?


































I have some personal breakthroughs coming up soon, including:

  1. Presenting about a breakthrough service for patients at work today,
  2. Singing in front of a room full of people today and/or tomorrow, and
  3. Breakthrough heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in September.

What music would you choose for this breakthrough post?

Here are the Doors breaking through in their  first TV appearance on 1/1/67:


I wonder what comments are going to break  through the internet (where you’re never weird, according to one of the book titles breaking through above).

Many thanks to all  who helped me break through this 1277th consecutive daily post and to you — of course! — for all of your personal breakthroughs.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1277: Breakthroughs

  1. Tripping Hazard sign so no one breaks a bone, caught my eye. Break a leg for the singing audition. I’m at the beach today, waiting for sunrise the breakthrough the clouds. Break on through to the other side of the Doors.

  2. My breakthrough moment is contained in this post:

  3. “Bright objects hypnotize the mind”….a breakthrough in understanding the appeal of a bright-orange haired candidate ??? ☺☺☺

  4. We all need more lizards with butterflies on their heads! Now that would be a breakthrough 💛

  5. A lizard with a butterfly… now that is a breakthrough that made me smile Ann

  6. What a breakthrough if we could all see, we are the butterfly and the lizard.

    Love the tripping hazard sign — that’s a breakthrough for me — never seen one before!

    Have a wonderful day breaking through to hearts and minds.

    • That sign was a breakthrough for me too, Louise. Thanks for breaking through with your wonderful thoughts.

  7. “I can’t remember the title but it was blue….” — I used to get variants of that when I worked in a library all the time. Now, I am the one who looks for things that way. It is harder with ebooks as often you don’t see the cover.

  8. I’ve had a breakthrough of my own. So often we feel we’ve only made a breakthrough after the event but to call it a “breakthrough” is a way of rewarding ourselves for overcoming an obstacle we may not have realized was there. If we don’t realize an obstacle is there it’s likely we’ll trip over it, but the important thing is that while it’s one thing to overcome an obstacle we can see it’s even harder to overcome one we aren’t even aware of.
    Unexpected breakthroughs should be celebrated.
    That may be more of an apostrophe, or epiphany, than a breakthrough though.

  9. Thank you for bringing light to my life. Today your rays of light broke through some clouds!

  10. If bright objects hypnotize the mind, then we need more bright lizards pairing up with butterflies.

  11. I hope that you enjoyed singing before a group today, if it has already happened, Ann. Also — I enjoyed the eclectic arrangement of books.

  12. Receiving those 10 commandments must have been a breakthrough for Moses!

  13. I see you are in the top 10% of all therapists. Asking THE right question:

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