Day 1271: Age

No matter what your age, chances are you have some thoughts and feelings about age.

Adults of all ages have been attending my therapy groups for a dog’s age. Yesterday, I asked people of different ages to write, draw, or otherwise express themselves about age.

I, age 63, wrote this poem about age:



What are your thoughts and feelings about age?

When my age was a day younger, I took other photos.  Do any of them relate to age?













As I was thinking about age yesterday, I heard two ageless songs about age — “I am a Child” and “Old Man” —  from  Neil Young (who I’ve been listening to between the ages of 15 and 63).

What song would you choose about age?

For more than a  hamster’s age, I’ve been expressing ageless gratitude to people of all ages (including you!) who help me create this daily blog.


Soon after I published this post, I saw this age-related poll about the British vote to leave the European Union.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1271: Age

  1. Happy Birthday, my dear and ageless friend Ann Koplow. ❤ Let you eat cake.

  2. What a great question — and I love your poem and list of What am I thinking? — great way to change your glasses.

    So… Bon Jovi says it well — It’s not old. Just older.

  3. hmmm. so that’s an entire playlist — I meant to just put in the one song.

  4. Happy birthday, and, to rewrite a Tom Lehrer joke, it’s a rather sobering thought that when Mozart was your age he’d been dead for 28 years.
    Now here’s another songster’s take on the same subject.

    • No matter what age I live to, I might not understand how I gave two smart readers the idea that today was my birthday. And when I was a very young age, I decided that Tom Lehrer line was ageless and one of my favorites. Thanks for the song!

  5. If the Brits who were young in the sixties and seventies had had more children, the vote would have swung to the young and the young clearly wanted to remain. So, the Pill is responsible for Brexit!

    A very happy spare birthday to you. It is probably 2/2 on the ancient Celtic calendar, or something.

  6. I’ll be 74 in a couple of weeks. I reckon I’m fortunate to have got here

  7. I don’t think about my age much. When I do, I tend to chuckle. It always takes me by surprise. A while ago, I was asked my age and accidentally gave the wrong number. I quickly corrected myself with a chuckle. The poor doctor just looked at me. I explained to him that it’s just not something I think about. 🙂

    I love the songs you chose for your post btw. I also love your poem. 🙂

  8. I love the what are you thinking list. Good reminders to keep pinned somewhere close by!

  9. I like that sage rhymes with age. 🙂 It’s really just a state of mind I think 😀

  10. It’s interesting. I think most of us are who we always were, just with a bit more experience, and so it’s a little surprise sometimes to have a number put on it. At least to me. I’m HOW old? Huh. I just feel like me… Hope you do to (feel like you that is).

  11. It’s funny how I also thought about age today. I think it has to do with my dog being 7-8 years old (the vet saw her today and took a guess at her age again because I rescued her, no one really knows how old she really is)

  12. I work with seniors everyday at the Senior Center, One time my favorite senior was asked by a newsman how does it feel to be 96 her reply was I don’t know I never been this old…she passed away at 99 but she also left this behind “Keep Busy” time is ageless..

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